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Other than red lipstick

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by shopgirl61, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. shopgirl61

    shopgirl61 A-List Customer

    I don't want to repeat a thread so, if a mod can point me in the direction of the favorite colors other than red post?
  2. tamjwhite

    tamjwhite New in Town

    bright pink !
  3. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    I wear all kinds of colours. I do wear Ruby Woo the most, but I also like the MAC Lady Gaga colours and So Chaud.
  4. shopgirl61

    shopgirl61 A-List Customer

    I bought Ruby Woo a year ago and don't care for it in the least, I find it too pale, it feathers on me, this despite my Mac prep and prime underneath. I'm loyal to the brands my grandmother and mother used. RW isn't worth the $16 I paid.:p
  5. Personally, I wear Revlon. My grandmothers both wore Revlon.

    I like the following colors:
    -Really Red (matte red)
    -In the Red (matte brick)
    -Fabulous Fig (matte wine)
    -Cherries in the Snow (a shocking rich pink that's hard to describe, but I believe they introduced it in the late 1950s or early 60s)
    -Blushing Mauve (light pink)
    -Bed of Roses (dark pink almost Magenta)
    -Love that Pink (medium pink)
    -Love that Red (red)
    -Wine with Everything- I rarely wear this color now since I discovered fab fig

    I'm going to be experimenting with pink velvet and ChaCha cherry next year- they are more summery and spring colors to me.

    I really did not like Pink about It (matte). It didn't have good coverage.
  6. shopgirl61

    shopgirl61 A-List Customer

  7. shopgirl61

    shopgirl61 A-List Customer

    I'm looking for a coral shade preferably matte. I do LOVE Revlon!
    and for my 60s moods a Gwen Stefani fuchsia :)
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  8. sheeplady I love fabulous fig too. It's my everyday lipstick.
  9. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    Last edited: Nov 19, 2011
  10. I'm another fab fig fan. I also like Revlon Colorstay Mocha Silk.
  11. I wear a lot of pinks, corals, and raisin/brown tones.
  12. DigThatBeat

    DigThatBeat Familiar Face

    I wear bright pinks, coral, orange, sometimes peach.
    Revlon's Blase Apricot is my favorite non-red lipstick.
  13. angeljenny

    angeljenny A-List Customer

    Oooooh! Want all the 50s ones!
  14. That is absolutely fascinating. I've tried a lot of different colors in Revlon, but it seems most of the colors I like in their "non-matte" are from the 50s: Love that Red, Cherries in the Snow, Love that Pink. I did try certainly red and fire and ice, but I didn't like them on me.

    It seems kind of strange that Revlon's matte lipsticks are new- they must have had matte lipsticks in the 1940s?
  15. DigThatBeat

    DigThatBeat Familiar Face

    Actually, there were no mattes in the 40s. 1940s lipsticks contained lots of oils and animal fats, so they were creamy and slightly glossy.

    Revlon's Stormy Pink is matte now but it was a creme in the 50s.
  16. That makes sense, now that I think about it. The few older tubes I've seen are rather greasy. So matte came about in the 1960s apparently. I don't know why I associated it with earlier times.[huh]
  17. angeljenny

    angeljenny A-List Customer

    I always thought of 40s and 50s lipstick as matte and sort of dry - not sure why!
  18. bellabella327

    bellabella327 One of the Regulars

    I actually have an old metal lippie tube in "Persian Melon." How cool that they still make it!
  19. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    You find Ruby Woo to be pale? That's a new one on me... It's one of their amplified shades, and people usually think it's too bright.

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