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Panama Bob

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Fedoraphile, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Fedoraphile

    Fedoraphile New in Town

    Panama Bob does it again

    Once again, I've had a very pleasant experience with Panama Bob.

    I so liked the Diamante straw fedora that I won on OFAS that I bought another. Another Diamante, that is.

    The second one came today, and is even better than the first. Mind you I was totally happy with the first one. But this one is even finer.

    In an email regarding the first, he told me it was a Grade 2 made in AZOGUES, ECUADOR, which is in the mountains, and that it is neither a Cuenca nor a Montecristi, but it would be considered a Cuenca Grade 2 on the scale.

    This second hat is even finer, in that the weave is definitely tighter. It does look better, that's for sure. However, that first one has a bit more body, or perhaps it's that the brim will snap down with a bit more authority than the second.

    Both look great, and every time I wear one, the compliments start coming. Hopefully there will be a resurgence of great looking straw fedoras.

    Somehow, wearing one of these with coat and tie makes people happy. Why? Must be the classic look.

    Now, I have to watch out, or this could become addictive! (Mental note to myself: Two is plenty! Time to stop! Ha ha...)

  2. :eek:

    The best thing to do is to take your hat with you into a hat store and place it next to the brand names and compare the prices. I thought XXX was going to hit the floor when I showed him some $20.00 brisas that were exactly what Borsalino had on his wall.
  3. gsquaredb

    gsquaredb New in Town

    I have three straw hats. 1 Borsalino and 2 from Panamabob.
    I bought the Borsalino for about $120. The hats from Bob were $20 and $70. I had to get the $70 hat reblocked($30) because it was wasnt done well. The $20 hat fell apart after 1 season.

    There is no comparison between the $125 Borsalino and the $70($100) hat from Bob. The Borsalino is substantially finer.

    That doesnt mean I am disappointed with my hats from Bob - I would buy from him again just be aware that a $70 hat is a $70 hat and a Borsalino is not a $70 hat.
  4. Well, I should have gone into more detail, I suppose. Taking a brisa weave Cuenca hat into a hatter who can turn it into a better than Borsalino on the shelf puts the chance for them to make some money on their craft when they put the finished product next to the Borsalino. Next time I'm near a place, I'll take photos.

    Since I have no idea who you are, nor the hats you've purchased, it just proves to me that I shouldn't make those distinctions unless I'm talking specific hats. Going off of the prices, you could have a Brisa ($20.00) (which really shouldn't fall apart...not sure about that) and either a finer Cuenca or a less fine Montecristi. I doubt the $120.00 Borsalino is a Montecristi. At $70.00, you're still on the low end. I suppose I should just make a $120.00 hat and then compare it to the Borsalino, but the Borsalinos I was looking at were $180.00 and were exactly the same Brisa I brought into the shop.
  5. Fedoraphile

    Fedoraphile New in Town

    Hi Panama Bob,

    Yesterday, a friend who thought he couldn't wear a Panama hat, at my insistence put my Diamante on, and started strutting around lol

    He looked in the mirror, and said something like, "Nobody's gonna mess with me! :eek:

    So now he wants me to buy him one of your Diamantes on OFAS, but I didn't find his size, probably a 7 3/8 or 7 1/2 (I have to take a tape measure and find out what his size really is) on there.

    Any chance one might show up sometime soon?

  6. Fedoraphile

    Fedoraphile New in Town

    I took your advice and visited Hats Plus in Chicago today.

    First thing I did was look at every straw hat they had on display. The Diamante I just got from you was better than probably 97% of the hats they had there.

    They had probably 4 or 5 hats that were better than the Diamante. However, those hats started around $200. The only hat that was roughly equivalent to the Diamante, but not as nice in my opinion as far as stying goes, ran $150.

    As far as style is concerned, I think the Diamante beats all the straw hats in the store. As far as quality is concerned, of course the very few Montecristi hats they had were better, much better. But they ran $250 or so.

    After this little trek over there, now I understand why I get so many compliments on my Diamante. It's that it is simply a better hat than 98% of what is seen on the street.

  7. Fedoraphile

    Fedoraphile New in Town

    Question about all the hats that you put up for sale on OFAS

    Hi Panama Bob,

    Just wondering if all the hats you put up for auction on OFAS that are listed as "$180 retail" have a back-woven brim? Are some of them folded back and sewn?

    Also, about the roan leather sweatbands. I'm not exactly sure what roan leather is. Would you please be so kind as to describe it and what it's like in the hats you offer on OFAS that have it for the sweatband?


  8. jec

    jec One of the Regulars

    Me too

    I just received my two hats from Panama Bob yesterday: one diamente and one of the toned Indiana hats offered on EBay. Each one is nicer than the other. I am very pleased with the quality of the workmanship. I got a great price from Bob with combined shipping, too. What a deal!
  9. Here is my new Montecristi Panama Hat from Panama Bob and blocked by Art.:D YES IT IS WORTH THE WAIT, NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES.

  10. Mike in Seattle

    Mike in Seattle My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Great hat...especially for summer...I'm only hoping my new "summer" hat gets here before fall or winter. Seattle's not exactly notorious for long sunny summers...
  11. AlanC

    AlanC My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Great hat. I like the optimo creases on the side. Can a better weave counter than me estimat the wpi on that one?

    I won one of Robert's Indy Panamas today on ebay. I'm really looking forward to it.
  12. Alan thank you for the compliment on my new lid from Panama Bob and Art. My new hat is in the 500 to 600 wpi range.

  13. Fedoraphile

    Fedoraphile New in Town


    The other day while waiting for a car to arrive outside a restaurant, my Panama Bob perched atop my noggin, a woman stares at it for a few seconds, and then blurts out, "That is an absolutely stunning hat!"

    Kudos to Panama Bob for yet another great lid.
  14. gepreston

    gepreston New in Town

    3 questions: 1 What/where is "OFAS"?
    2 Bob, I love the hat pictured above in this thread. How whould
    one go about picking on up?
    3 Bob, do you have a web sight other than the one listed on
    your profile?

    Thanks for your help!!!
  15. Fedoraphile

    Fedoraphile New in Town

    OFAS is another way of saying "Our Favorite Auction Site" or "eBay"...
  16. Colby Jack

    Colby Jack Call Me a Cab

    Tom...I keep coming back to this post to stare at that Monti...it's a thing of beauty!...Might I ask what the price of that hat was?...I have a PB that I love...but it comes no where near that kinda wpi...:eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap
  17. DerMann

    DerMann Practically Family

    Anyone else on these boards place an order with the esteemed Panama Bob lately?

    The 10% off sale finally pushed me to get an authentic Panama. Went ahead and put the order in for a 300 wpi montecristi two weeks ago. Hope it'll be done in time to be able to wear it without committing a faux pas.
  18. Flieger

    Flieger Practically Family

    I ordered a Cuenca fino 'Rio Plata' from PB two weeks ago.

  19. I also ordered a 300 wpi, Ecuador bash, a few weeks ago. The page stated "delivery 3 to 5 weeks" which I reckon to be ...to the US, so I'm not impatient at all. Hopefully it'll arrive before our holidays to the rainier parts of Spain, but if not, well then I'll have to decide on another hat to bring...or even none!
  20. AlanC

    AlanC My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I understand that's mainly in the plains.

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