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Panizza Napoli fedora

Discussion in 'Hats' started by groover, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. groover

    groover New in Town

    I have just bought a brown Panizza Napoli model medium brims fedora, waterproof fur felt, brims are 5,5 cm!
    Is it a Fedora or a Trilby?
  2. Did you try to post a photo? If the brim is 2 inches or under it would be considered a Stingy. Yours would be right on the edge since it is a tad over 2 inches.
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  3. groover

    groover New in Town

    I can't post pics, I don't know why, maybe I have few posts...
    It's 2.2 inches, so it is considered a Fedora with smaller brims...
    SIte with pics is here, it's the Napoli hat, dark brown, Supreme quality, Original Panizza Kanguroo:

  4. It has a good deal of taper and a mid size crown height. I don't have any modern Panizza hats (only vintage ones) but I am sure someone else will weigh in with more info.
  5. groover

    groover New in Town

    This Panizza is super light!

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