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Pants to go with my A-2

Discussion in 'WWII' started by GregGale, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. GregGale

    GregGale Familiar Face

    Having recently purchased an Eastman Star A-2, I'm wondering if there are any WWII pants that would go well with it, but doesn't look so vintage that I could only pull it off at a reenactment. I'm hesitating between the M1937 and the USAAF officers' pinks. Which one would you recommend? Any others I should consider?

    Also, there are too many makers to choose from:

    http://onlinemilitaria.net/products/2371-US-Mustard-Wool-Trousers/ (I've heard they are too baggy)
    http://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/us-m1937-wool-trousers-regular-length-product,16081 (out of stock in my size
    https://qmi.be/uniforms-and-equipment/us/mustard-trousers-m1937.html (anyone heard of them?)

    https://qmi.be/uniforms-and-equipment/us/pink-trousers-officers.html (unsure of the quality)
    http://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/us-ww2-officers-pinks-trousers-dress-uniform-product,10331 (bad experience with SoF gloves, ELC is not much more expensive)
    https://www.eastmanleather.com/trousers-officers-pinks-usaaf-regulation-issue-p-125.html (100% great quality, but a bit too pricy)

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. GregGale

    GregGale Familiar Face

    What kind of pants wound these be, for instance?

  3. kowalski

    kowalski Practically Family

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  4. The officer's khaki 'pinks' are a nice look...for officers.
  5. GregGale

    GregGale Familiar Face

    I watched the episode of the series the above picture was taken from, and those are officers' pinks that look darker due to post processing. I guess I'll go with the pinks, they look less "military" than the M1937s.

    Does anyone have any feedback about SoF's pink trousers? They seem to be of a darker shade than Eastman which I like, but I'm worried about the quality. Oh well, I can always return it.
  6. Eastmans were nice heavy material and good color. (Note, mine were purchased several years ago. Assume they're the same now).
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  7. GregGale

    GregGale Familiar Face

    Would you be so kind as to post a photo of them? Just for color reference. Thanks!
  8. GregGale

    GregGale Familiar Face

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  9. Davy Crockett

    Davy Crockett One of the Regulars

    Eastman supplied the Kit for the TV series "My Mother and other Strangers"

  10. GregGale

    GregGale Familiar Face

    OK, I narrowed it down to 2 choices: Eastman pinks or SoF pinks. Eastman is a bit outside of my budget, but I'm afraid to pay less for something that's not that good. Oh well, SoF has a good returns policy, so I guess I'll give those a try first. Does anyone has any experience with SoF pinks?
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  11. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    I admire your dedication to authenticity!

    I've thought about getting involved in WW2/1940s reenacting, but the closest reenactment group to me is men who do military reenactments - and I think there's only four or five of them. I contacted them awhile ago, but not much came of it.
  12. EngProf

    EngProf One of the Regulars

    As a long-term reenactor (and history enthusiast) myself I think you'd enjoy it a lot. Around here (mid-South) as a female reenactor you'd fit right in. We have both civilian/Home-Front and military (shooting) events. For the more military events the female reenactors can be French Resistance or German civilians depending on their preference. Another possibility is a female war photographer such as Lee Miller or Margaret Bourke-White.

    Also, we often have educational events in which no "fighting" occurs and the objects of which are to educate the public about wartime/military history. These are held in conjunction with the State Parks, military museums, and local schools and in some cases go all the way back to the Revolutionary War.
    Right now, since we are in the 100th anniversary of WWI, quite a few of us are doing WWI events and presentations. In my case I'm doing a presentation at our local art museum on Friday about the technical aspects of WWI-era photography. They have a very big exhibition of WWI art going on now. After my presentation they plan to show the movie "Sgt. York".
    (Look up "Salvation Army Lassies" to see an excellent and not too difficult female WWI impression.)

    Since you're not close enough to be a part of what we're doing here, you might check around and see if there are others who are more educationally/historically inclined than directly military/tactical. If there isn't an existing unit there now, form your own.

    I can put you in touch with several of our female reenactors if they would be of assistance.

    To add a bit on the real topic of reenactor clothing, I suggest checking out "At the Front" for such items. The guy who owns that is a fanatic about authenticity and the products are of very high quality.
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  13. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    Thank you very much for your response! I would love to reenact a female war photographer or journalist. I wrote an article about the women war correspondents of WW2 and they were truly courageous women.

    After I complete a few projects, I might try to wade into the reenactment world and see if I can find some other people to join me. :)
  14. Stand By

    Stand By One Too Many

    To your original question of what pants look good with an A2, I must confess that I couldn't opt for chinos that look too much "pinks and greens" as I'd fear I'd be looking "in costume" as my girlfriend calls it. And I get that. I hear "You know World War Two finished, right?" enough - so I don't try to overcook the look too much!
    So I wear various cargo pants which strike a pseudo-military look but look contemporary too.
    LLBean's general styling is behind the fashion curve of, say, Banana Republic, and I like LLBean for that - and they have a great pant that I wear a lot with my jackets, namely their Allagash Cargo Pant:
    https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/63017?feat=allagash cargo pant-SR0&page=allagash-cargo-pants&csp=a
    Orvis also do great chino and cargo pants in their heavy Britain Cloth (which I reviewed here on TFL one time) :
    I even have a pair of Timberland cargo pants that are getting worn now but I love them so much, they're still in service - and the cotton is perhaps the finest cotton I have come across. I bought them as I went through Heathrow Airport one time and, to this day, regret not buying two pairs as the second pair was half price. I'd check them out too.
    Good hunting!
  15. GHT

    GHT My Mail is Forwarded Here

    When I bought my US officers uniform it didn't come with pinks. I sourced a pair in The States from a company called What price Glory. They were expensive at $125 and shipping to the UK bumped the price considerably, but they are worth every penny, I was very impressed.
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  16. GHT

    GHT My Mail is Forwarded Here

    You might consider a rare breed of ladies if you want to get into re-enactment uniform. Known as The Attagirls because their squadron was the Air Transport Auxiliary, hence ATA. They were a feisty bunch made up of mainly British ladies, but there were Americans and British Dominions, like Canada & Australia. Just 168 of them, they flew new aircraft from the factories to the airfields, they were also the first to demand, and get, equal pay with their male cohorts.
    ata girls.jpg
    A group of British and American fliers pictured at White Waltham Airfield, Berkshire, in 1942
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  17. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    Another excellent suggestion. Thank you!
  18. GregGale

    GregGale Familiar Face

    My officer's pinks just arrived from SoF.

    The bad:
    It has a zipper fly rather than buttons
    It's not 100% cavalry twill, far from it

    The good:
    It's sturdy
    It has a zipper fly - so much more convenient!
    Great color
    Very comfy
    Fits as if it was tailor made, or better!

    I'm very happy with it, and it goes well with many jackets and shirts, doesn't look too military.
  19. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    Fliers did not stop wearing the classic outfit of leather flying jacket, wool dress pants and khaki shirt when the war ended. That continued to be the uniform even for a while after the USAF was created. During the transitional period, as might be expected, enlisted men wore air force blue and silver chevrons on the OD uniform that was become the army's standard issue winter service uniform. What I don't know was when the usual flyer's uniform changed. It was probably when jet fighters entered service.

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