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Peci - Indonesian cap

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Yohanes, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Yohanes

    Yohanes One of the Regulars

    Just to share about the most common cap in my country, Indonesia. There's a very short article in wikipedia:


    I just want to add a bit. Although it is somewhat stated as "national" cap, being a country with the biggest Moslem population, it is automatically identical with "Moslem wear". (I'm a Christian BTW). I ain't gonna wear it certainly.

    But in the cities, big cities particularly, very rarely people (especially youth) would wear peci, unless they are attending formal occasion, especially religious ones, going to mosque, or Moslem wedding ceremonies. In the villages it is more commonly used.

    Govt. officials on formal occasions sometimes wear this "national cap" especially during their inaugurations. Ministers and presidents. But female officials need not wear it - it's not a unisex cap :D

    Black peci is the most formal color, but plenty of variations also available, with various patterns, but still more related to Moslem headwear. Sometimes it is called "Songkok" or "Kopiah".

    In terms of structure, I guess it somewhat resembles military cap, air force usually - I don't know what you call it? So you can flatten it for use and "open" it when you want to wear it.
  2. akaBruno

    akaBruno Suspended

    I thought Fez, right away. "Never gonna do it without the Fez on." :)
  3. It is nice to have national headwear anywhere. I think all FLers will agree. It looks nice to in its starkness and simplicity.

    L HATLEY One of the Regulars


    we wear hats, i wear a hat, but a lot of folks in the U.S.A.
    think Ball Caps are the national headwear....lol

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