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Phantom Dancer Swing Radio Show

Discussion in 'Radio' started by phantom dancer, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. 15 Sep 1920s-60s Live Radio Jazz Swing Mix

    15th Sep Phantom Dancer swing by Etta James, Jimmy Grier, Lester Young 107.3 2SER 12pm Online http://www.2ser.com
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  3. 13 Oct Phantom Dancer Swing Jazz Mix

    On this Tuesday’s 2SER SUBSCRIBER DRIVE Phantom Dancer we open with Australian singer and comedian Nell Fleming and a set of women singers, there’s a set of dance music in Arabic, Yiddish and from Holland, swing bands from live 1939 – 1940 radio, live bop and live dixieland radio including a broadcast excerpts from Adelaide and Melbourne in 1949. Playlist https://gregpoppleton.wordpress.com...-julius-sumner-miller-on-energy-and-momentum/
  4. Hear today's (28 Feb 17) Phantom Dancer UNCUT! Swing & jazz from live 1920s-60s radio. With more Miles Davis at the end http://wp.me/pECTP-1yq
  5. From Red Nichols to Thelonius Monk, all from live 1920s-60s radio on today's 21 Mar 2017 Phantom Dancer. Now online at radio 2SER http://wp.me/pECTP-1zD
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  6. Hear today's (28 March) Phantom Dancer now online: Billie Holliday, Xavier Cugat, Cab Calloway, Rudy Vallee: mix of live 1920s-60s radio at Radio 2SER http://wp.me/pECTP-1zm
  7. 4 April Phantom Dancer now online. Last hour, no turntables, so couldn't stick to play list. Surprise acts...http://wp.me/pECTP-1zJ
  8. Heavens! You missed today's all-vinyl Phantom Dance swing & jazz live 1920s-60s radio mix? Phew. Listen now online http://www.2ser.com/component/k2/item/28566-2-may-phantom-dancer

    Today's all vinyl Phantom Dancer has everything from a Doris Day live radio set, to Fats Waller on 23 September 1943 and Glen Gray in 1934 to a set of Dizzy Gillespie on 1950s radio and live Trad Bands including Eddie Condon and George Wettling.
  9. Missed today's 27 June Phantom Dancer? Nat King Cole, Buddy Rich, Johnny Ray on live 1920s-60s radio/TV? It's now online http://wp.me/pECTP-1Gq

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