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Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Nathan Flowers, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Nathan Flowers

    Nathan Flowers Head Bartender Staff Member

    Here's some pictures of my pocketwatches.

    This is a 17 Jewel Hamilton 974 from 1928. It is a 16 size, and has a 10k gold filled case. It keeps excellent time.




    Here's pictures of the 23 Jewel model 922 Hamilton made in 1931. It's just *slightly* smaller than the 974 in the above pictures. The inscription on the back of the case says "Presented to Charles Huff 4-3-1931 By WM. Brown Co. For 20 YRS Faithful Service" The case is 14k white gold filled.

    Side by side with the 974.

    Case opened.
  2. Nathan Flowers

    Nathan Flowers Head Bartender Staff Member

    If anybody is interested, the 922 in the bottom pictures is going up for sale. I'd like $300 for it. If I get no bites here, it's going up on ebay.

    Thanks a bunch for looking.
  3. Jsoftz

    Jsoftz New in Town

    Pocket Watches

    As of late i've become enamored with old gold-filled pocket watches. I seem to remember hearing Elgin as a prominent brand. Do y'all have any recommendations? Things/prices to watch for on eBay?

  4. Nathan Flowers

    Nathan Flowers Head Bartender Staff Member

    Elgins are nice, but I particularly like old Hamiltons. I currently have a 1927 Hamilton 974 (18j, 16s). I recently sold a 1931 Hamilton 922 on ebay. The 974 is worth about $200, and the 922 is worth about $300.

    If you have money ready to spend, I recommend talking to Michaelson to see if he knows anybody that wants to sell one, as he's better versed in them than I am.
  5. Who makes good Pocket Watches these days?

    Who makes good Pocket Watches these days? I am looking at one to wear with a tux or suit, real nice one.
  6. boomerchop

    boomerchop One of the Regulars

    Good question,

    and I'll be interested to see the replies. Michaelson should chime in, though I suspect he will recommend finding vintage ones. Which would be okay, if they work well. I spend a fair amount of time looking at pocket watches on eBay, though I really don't know what I'm looking at.

    So, gang, how about some thoughts on pcoket watches?
  7. I have one modern brand pocket watch. It is the Colibri brand. It is mechanical (wind up) and keeps good time. I am not especially happy with the "look" of it but it gets the job done. Sorry no pic..:eusa_doh:

    I would recommend vintage! Very nice watches can be found that will give years of serivce. Here are a few I have..
    Another reason for vintage is the watch chain! The chains that come with modern pocket watches are plain. You cannot pair a vintage pocket watch with a modern chain!!
    You need something like these..
  8. I second the vintage option. You can get very nice, servicable, vintage watches without breaking the bank. I've always hated having anything around my wrist (my grandfather is the same way), so I've carried a pocket watch since high school. Here are my two current "everyday" watches:


    The one on the right is a model 83 Waltham, Size 18, 11 jewel, coin silver. Big hefty common-man's watch, manufactured about 1900. Wonderful condition and runs like butter. In my opinion, a good price would be $75-100 in similar condition.

    The one on the left is a 17 jewel Hamilton, 1914 manufacture, gold-filled case, much nicer. It is a dressier watch then and now. I'd have said it's worth about $175-$250, and a search turned up a nearly identical one here for $200.

    I got mine at antique fleamarkets, shops, etc, but there are of course, a plethora on eBay as well. Shop around, you'll find watches from $30 to $3000.

    I just love the thought of carrying around a timepiece that was manufactured and in use while, say, the Wright brothers were perfecting flight :)
  9. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    I was recently at a watch show in Geneva and I saw several pocket watches that were being offered by some of the top Swiss makers. I recall Patek Phillippe having a few but they may have been for special order. Truthfully, there were so many watches there that my recollection is but a blur.

  10. funneman

    funneman Practically Family

    The Great "Looking for a Pocketwatch" Merged Thread

    I've been looking at pocket watches a lot lately.

    I'm thinking a nice pocketwatch with a nice belt chain would
    be a nice addition to the wardrobe.

    I was wondering if anyone here ever uses/wears one.

    Any suggestions as to style/size/brand names?

  11. I own and wear 'em.
    Size, style, and brand are subjective.
    I suggest you read about watches and try to handle a few to see what attracts you. There are hunter cases or open face. Material ranges from solid silver and gold to gold filled and plated watches.

    Here are a couple of mine.

  12. This one was interesting I thought.
  13. manton

    manton A-List Customer

    I wear one with three piece suits, never (so far) with two piece. It's a hand-me-down from my grandfather.
  14. geo

    geo Registered User

    I have a small pocket watch without the chain that I keep in the outside ticket pocket of my suit jacket.
  15. The Duke

    The Duke One of the Regulars

    I have a Avalon pocket watch I wear with my three piece suits.

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  16. OOOH! Pocket Watches!

    I really think that pocket watches are a classic accessory in the men's jewelry segment of daily wear. Although the railroad type with the open face can be pretty sharp looking, I just love the closed case hunter style. There is something about taking it out and pushing the button to have the cover pop open!

    I have the hunter style which I have used a bunch but it has been set aside waiting for that vest or 3 piece suit for use. I got it back in High school, as a Macy's purchase.

    My mom has a pocket watch from great (2-3x) grandfather that winds with a key.

    Best regards,
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  17. I love keywind pocketwatches! My wife inherited a relative's keywind when she was young. I can kick myself for not having taken better care of it while we have had it. :(

    A disturbing trend is I have heard that younger people are not wearing watches but relying on handheld devices to provide the time.
  18. Guilty. :eusa_doh: Just last night I bought a $30 Timex at Target because I couldn't stand relying on my cell phone for the time any longer. Not exactly a classic timepiece, but it looks all right and will tide me over until I can afford (or receive as a gift) a decent watch.
  19. Timex takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. I have a few around that will not die!
    Not a bad watch at all.
  20. Boulevardier

    Boulevardier New in Town

    I've found it a bit strange that this subject hasn't come up before. Maybe I missed it.
    I love pocket watches. I have 5. One is a valuable antique and the others are not.
    Accompanying the watches are a variety of chains made to be worn with vests and a couple that go into trouser pockets.
    There are many, many styles of chains and ways to wear such---------on vests, in jacket lapel buttonholes and in trouser pockets.
    Ebay is a great source for watches and chains. Many can be had inexpensively.
    Pocket watches were the only kind of watch for men until the wristwatch was developed around the time of the first world war. By the Thirties wristwatches had overtaken the pocket watch in terms of popularity, but some men of style (Fred Astaire comes to mind) continued to wear a pocket watch with Art Deco-style chains.
    I have a lot of fun with mine and the watches and chains (and vests) have become the cornerstone of my 'style' which is very 'Thirties-centric'. Looks good with a fedora too.

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