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Pol Roger is my drink of choice regardless of the meal, event. Anyone else agree?

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by bonnieprince, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Am I the only one that would be happy if Pol Roger was the only drink left on Earth? I've tried everything under the sun, but I always end up back with my old partner.
  2. scooter

    scooter Practically Family

    Well, I've never even heard of it, so I suppose that answers your question.
  3. LordBest

    LordBest Practically Family

    I prefer Bollinger, but I wouldn't object to being left only with Pol Roger if it came to it.
  4. Flicka

    Flicka One Too Many

    Nothing works for all occasions, not even champagne (of which Pol Roger isn't my favourite). What would life be without Burgundy wine - not to mention coffee? Bleaker, that's what.
  5. DNO

    DNO One Too Many

    I lean to Veuve Cliquot...but tea is essential as well
  6. Rathdown

    Rathdown Practically Family

    Years ago I attended a dinner at Chateau Brissac where a different champagne was served with each course... magnificent! Of course, nothing beats a good cuppa tea at 4pm. My preferred champagne is the Roederer l'Ermitage, and tomorrow night I will crack open my last bottle of the 1999 vintage to share with friends before dinner.
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  7. Sam Diamond

    Sam Diamond Familiar Face

    I'm not a big fan of champagne, I prefer wine, but if I only had one drink left on earth, I pick whiskey!

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