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Post Pics of Your Cafe Racer Jackets

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by jchosko, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. jchosko

    jchosko Familiar Face

    Hi folks:

    Of all leather jackets, I think my all time favorite design is the cafe racer. I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to folks posting pics of their favorite cafe racers, either that they own, or hope someday to own.

    I'll start with this sideways picture of me in a vintage Schott steerhide cafe racer. I'm not sure what this model was called, but it has very cool angled chest pockets. I believe Schott reproduces it for the Japanese market under the 641 model number.

    I have a lot of cafe racers, so I'll hopefully be posting some more pics to this thread in the days/weeks ahead...

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  2. jchosko

    jchosko Familiar Face

    Apparently my attempt to post a picture didn't work the first time, so I'll try again...

  3. [​IMG]

    "60s Pack-In brand.

  4. jchosko

    jchosko Familiar Face


    That jacket looks amazing!
  5. Fixed:

  6. My Reed. Bought and then re-sold. NOS probably from the 70's but that's a WAG.



  7. jchosko

    jchosko Familiar Face


    That's an awesome Reed. The hide looks pretty thick on that. I've never handled a Reed in person, but I know they made some great stuff and can sometimes be had for a song on ebay.

    Btw, thanks for fixing my picture. Would you mind telling me how to post a pic that's uploaded to flickr? I couldn't find a post with directions, and it's not in the FAQ Q+A.

    I know you also have a FCL Grayson correct? Any other cafes lurking? Once I learn how to post pics correctly I'll definitely post some more from my collection.
  8. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up


    Here is one of my Cafe Racer jackets! I have 3 Harley Davison brand Cafe jackets, this is the only one I actually bought, the others I won at different contest, back when Harley was flying high! Thats my 2002 Sportster I made into a Cafe. This was taken at the Old Bike Run 8 Golden, Colorado, thought they would throw me out for having a post 1985 bike, most seemed to like it, lots of photos taken of it. [​IMG]
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  9. Beautiful jackets so far!! The Reed is really nice!

    Here's mine: Aero Cafe Racer, vintage black FQHH, size 40, 1 inch added to sleeves and body.



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  10. CodeRed

    CodeRed One of the Regulars

    ^ I am ordering a Aero cafe in aged tan, what made you order yours with the increased length? Cant wait to get a cafe racer!
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  11. 6 ft overall height, I guess;) . ...And I also prefer a slightly longer fit as I tend to wear all types of trousers quite low. Apart from the much roomier fit I could never wear a Highwayman or any other Aero that barely reaches the hip bones (jackets with knitted parts like A1/2 or M422a are the only exception)
  12. GriffDeLaGriff

    GriffDeLaGriff One Too Many

    Cool. Almost mee too. I need a summer jacket.

    I am deciding between the black midweight HH with bloodred lining or the aged tan with black lining.

    My concern about the tan was that it is steer and the steer I had was very thick.
    I asked Amanda about this and she said the leather for the aged tan
    steer is 3.5oz, the same as the midweight horse for the A2´s but its stiff.

    This sounds perfect to me. Not too heavy but will still make alot of cool creases.
    I really like the version with just the 2 chest pockets.
  13. CodeRed

    CodeRed One of the Regulars

    I am going with a mail box red lining on the aged tan..i did order it with two interior pockets in the lining, hope that doesn't show on the outside of the jacket...now need to decide if I should add an inch to the length. I thought that with the kidney guard that it might not be needed.
  14. Atomic

    Atomic One of the Regulars


    I got this Vanson a couple of years ago from a store that sold vintage cafe racer leathers, new vansons, and vintage cowboy boots. Odd but very cool store called Insurrection.

    The owner made this jacket and gave it a few inches in the sleeves and an inch on the torso. Vansons are a tad on the wide side. I bought this jacket for my 71 cb500 I'm building into a cafe racer.


    Froze and accidentally gave the mean look.

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  15. KK

    KK New in Town

    Fox Creek Vented Racing Jacket

    This is the Fox Creek Vented Racing Jacket. I bought this after my everyday leather bomber let me down (a little old lady in a hurry t-boned me off my bike, rupturing my spleen and breaking 8 ribs and a collarbone, the last requiring the implant of a plate to put it back together). A few things I buy used in full confidence. This is one of them ($175 on eBay; the bike is another used eBay item). It's an absolutely perfect riding fit, which is very snug to keep it from flopping in the breeze or filling up with air while riding (too loose a fit will let the jacket move up in a crash, exposing the body to injury). Links on the page will take you to survival stories. I had months to choose a new jacket. With the zip-out lining, leather thickness, US quality, and thoughtful vent arrangement, this one easily rose to the top of the pile.

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  16. LeanLeather

    LeanLeather New in Town

    They all look great!
  17. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up


    Good to see your still ridding. Great choice for a bike, sad to see Eric Buell on the video announcing the closure of Buell! Glad to see him at least with a racing program, I met him, real motorcycle enthusiast!
  18. mtds

    mtds New in Town

    Schott and Brooks

    Here's a Schott 157 (or maybe a 657 or 557) made in the early 1980's. The three model numbers refer to "Naked Cowhide," "Steerhide," and "Soft Steerhide" according to Gail in Schott's customer service. I think it is no longer possible to tell which n57 this one is. The only marking is a tag inside the pocket that says "SIZE 50". The other tags were sewn to a now-missing pile lining. It fits like a 48R.
    Schott cafe front.jpg
    Schott cafe back.jpg
    This jacket below is a Brooks, age unknown, marked a size 48, but fits like a smallish 46.

    Brooks cafe 01a.JPG Brooks cafe 01b.JPG

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  19. tjoek

    tjoek New in Town

    Lost World FQHH Ryder jacket
  20. Cafe racer on a cafe racer. lol lol lol


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