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Radio Moscow now online

Discussion in 'Radio' started by Vladimir Berkov, Jul 11, 2005.

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    Comrades! Radio Moscow is now broadcasting, in brave defiance of the Hitlerite invaders. Keep your dial tuned to Radio Moscow to hear the latest inspirational and entertaining music, as well as news from the front!

    Simply click on the link below and then "listen" to hear the broadcast!
  2. matei

    matei Practically Family

    Maladiets! Ia liubliu slushat' k russkomu radioemu!
  3. At this time Radio Moscow must admit that its actual knowledge of Russian is extremely limited...
  4. I listened to Radio Moscow on my shortwave radio when I was a kid. I would send them a 'reception report' in order to get one their 'QSL' cards. For years after I left home my parents were still getting cards from them...ones honoring famous Soviet holidays. I know I must have been on some CIA list.
  5. There is now a Radio Moscow website, although it is a work in progress.


    This way, if something changes with the stream IP people will still be able to listen without finding the station through the Shoutcast directory, so it is a good idea to bookmark the site for future reference.

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