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Rain bonnets?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Heather, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Heather

    Heather Practically Family

    I did a search but can't seem to come up with anything. As I've gotten into doing sets, I've been thinking about taking it another step and start wearing a "little old lady" plastic rain bonnet. I have an umbrella but I'd still like that extra protection. ;) I haven't been able to find them at any of the stores I've looked. Do they even make them anymore?
  2. Wire9Vintage

    Wire9Vintage A-List Customer

    Like these? http://www.cachebeauty.com/accessry.htm (Scroll waaaaay down for the rain bonnets!). I have not done business with this site, but they also have some other nifty things (clips, sleep bonnets, etc.).
  3. zendy

    zendy A-List Customer

    If you do a goole search for "rain bonnet" you will find a gazillion, I think I've even seen them at Sally's. But look at this!
    Upcycled from a broken umbrella. Too cute!
  4. Heather

    Heather Practically Family

    Sally's! Of course! I feel silly that I didn't think of there lol thanks ladies!
  5. Gingerella72

    Gingerella72 A-List Customer

    I saw some in Walmart the other day, next to where they sell the umbrellas.
  6. ZombieGirl

    ZombieGirl One of the Regulars

    So what's up with the Sure Coiffure? The one that makes you look like there's a heavy-contact sport on your near future....
  7. Heather

    Heather Practically Family

  8. miss_elise

    miss_elise Practically Family

    nighttime wrestling?
  9. crwritt

    crwritt One Too Many

    That's the kind of thing Marge Simpson wears to bed. I particularly like the Petal Hat, but I don't think I want to spend $22 on one.
  10. ZombieGirl

    ZombieGirl One of the Regulars

    It definitely has an old-timey football/wrestling vibe to it... :D
  11. Wire9Vintage

    Wire9Vintage A-List Customer

    Of course, be prepared... my google search for rain bonnets brought up something about fetish rain gear. Fetish rain gear?? Who knew? And I thought one had to be careful searching for seamed stockings and garter belts! Rain gear?

    And Zendy, that is cute. And it's weird... I have the exact same dress as the girl in the photo. But I got mine at Goodwill (might be the same dress!).
  12. You can point to any item in the Sears catalog, and someone, somewhere wants to go to bed with it. Such a world we live in.

    As far as rain bonnets go, I've never had trouble finding them at any Wal Mart/K-Mart-type discount chain or at any drugstore. The cheap cellophane ones aren't as good as the vinyl ones that have a bit of structure to them -- the best kind have a back that comes down far enough to cover loose-hanging just-below-the-shoulder-length hair.
  13. Heather

    Heather Practically Family

    I must not have been looking in the right area at Target last weekend!:eusa_doh: Wire9Vintage::eek:
  14. Smuterella

    Smuterella One Too Many

    Over here you can often find them in little corner shop type drugstores. I've got a clear one with white polkadots that I adore!
  15. Tishkaminx

    Tishkaminx One of the Regulars

    I don't mean to be unladylike but I supect the rain gear is used with an altogther different kind of liquid in the fetish world....ehem...
  16. cherry lips

    cherry lips Call Me a Cab

    The scandinavians can get rain bonnets (and shower caps) at Matas, a great store for old lady necessities. Here's mine:

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