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(Re)Book-em Danno

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Bruce Wayne, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Turns out Hawaii 5-0 is being remade as well...

  2. Hawaii Five-O was a n unusual to me. I did not watch it when it came or during its initial run. Some time a few years ago I watched it on channel 56 KDOC and was drawn in to the series by the stories but also the 1970's era depictions of US Hawaii life. (for me it was like growing up in NY and seeing CHIPS or watching Disneyland specials ooh exotic locations) I enjoy the Wo-Fat episodes battling commies the most I think.
  3. docneg

    docneg One of the Regulars

    I loved Hawaii Five-O, and I met Keigh Deigh (Wo Fat), who advised me as to where to go to school when I was waffling about that! So I actually owe my career to Hawaii Five-O, to a certain extent.
  4. Mr E Train

    Mr E Train One Too Many

    Keigh Deigh was also one of the best parts of one of my favorite movies, The Manchurian Candidate. Interestingly enough, if you type "Keigh Deigh" into an iPhone, it auto-spell corrects it to "Leigh Deighton."
  5. Same here. Somehow, Five-O and I never crossed paths until my grandmother started watching the reruns in the late-'80s. I became hooked on the show and it was refreshing to discover something from my own past that actually...wasn't! Before that, I was aware of the theme and that it was a cop show, but didn't know about the many "international intrigue" episodes the show had.

    I have the first seven seasons on DVD--the eight is out today--and while the first six seasons are excellent, the quality IMO dips beginning with the seventh (1974-75) year.

    I like the first four years best--the ones with Kono.
  6. When I was stationed in Honolulu, 1967 to 69, it was a common thing to see them shooting all over town, but especially around Iolani Palace, which they used as their "headquarters". How many times have I seen Jack Lord hanging around between takes! It was fun!
  7. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    ... check Kaneohe for surf and wahinies? ;) :D
  8. Went body surfing at Blow Hole once and nearly drowned. Swallowed about a gallon of salt water in three seconds. Never again. Yeah, it was a good time, except for that pesky military thing.
  9. Those credits look more like one of the CSI clones.

    The new "Five-O" team resembles the Mod Squad more than a state police force. Only Scott Caan exudes any kind of bad-assery and if he's got half the chops his old man does, then he'll be the best thing about this show.

    As for the gender flopping of Kono, they could've at least hired a 300lb Hawaiian actress for the part, as a nod to the original.

    Alex O'Loughlin??? God help us.

  10. I'm always surprised how many good looking people work in law enforcement.
  11. Yet another old TV series-based movie that will probably suck, and that I won't be seeing theatrically.

    They're a plague!
  12. Was the original Hawaii 5-0 so formulaic?

    Stern commander (McGarrett) Check.
    Loose cannon younger officer (Danno) check.
    Gorgeous female officer who is just as competent as the men (Kono) check
    token minority/off-beat officer (Kim's character) check.

    I agree with Dodge. Perhaps they should just call it CSI: Hawai'i.
  13. And fifty-one years of statehood and the Hawaiians don't get on the "team"??? The guy from the Neo-Gilligan's Island just keeps his suitacses unpacked???

    This show just reeks of marketing for the all-important 18-35 group.

    As to O'Loughlin's rise to the top of Five-O, I'm sure that there would be plenty of police officers who've served as long as O'Loughlin's been alive would be none-too-pleased at being passed over for that job!

    On the Jimmy Kimmel Show, the host said to O'Loughlin: "You're in the new Five-O; you're playing Jack Lord."

    Ha! Not "You're playing Steve McGarrett" but rather "You're playing Jack Lord"!!! Proof, as if anyone needed it, that Jack Lord IS Steve McGarrett!!!lol

    As to the real, original Hawaii Five-O, just ordered the eighth season DVD; on sale at Amazon.:)
  14. Who was the Chinese bad guy (not Wo Fat) that always seemed to be saying 'I'll get you McGarrett!'

    Not a movie without him....
  15. Atomic Age

    Atomic Age Practically Family

    Its not a movie, its a new TV show.

  16. Atomic Age

    Atomic Age Practically Family

    Any show with Grace Park in a bikini is okay in my book!

  17. If Alex O'Loughlin becomes a big star, will people in the tabloid/mainstream media (they're one and the same,,,) refer to him as "AOL"?lol
  18. That's okay, I still won't watch it.

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