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Really Badly Listed & Photographed Vintage Suit, Size 36

Discussion in 'Vintage Finds and Deals' started by Mario, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Oh, I've seen worse. It will be interesting to see what kind of attention it gets, tho. If it gets what it deserves, look for prices of $500 or up.
  2. It's brown. The other one she has listed (from which she copied the description verbatim, leading to the error) is blue. Someone size 36 is going to get a couple GREAT suits. i don't need anymore blue or brown P/S suits (at least that's what 'Er Indoors tells me), or I'd be in the bidding.

  3. Gin&Tonics

    Gin&Tonics Practically Family

    Unless I'm very much mistaken, the manequin is backwards in this pic....
  4. I reckon it's just a female mannequin. Narrow shoulders, predicted 32-34C bust …

  5. Even worse. I don't really understand some sellers... [huh]
  6. Cobden

    Cobden Practically Family

    I'll be keeping an eye on this one...
  7. Bernie Zack

    Bernie Zack One of the Regulars

    I've seen alot worst. Have to laugh at some of them, especially the hats for sale. Makes you scratch your head and wonder what the sellers are thinking.
  8. Seems to be the standard with most German sellers, especially with vintage stuff.

    Sort of "C@@l hat! L@@k! J@hny Depp!"
  9. The listing was obviously worse than I thought. Both suits went unsold...
  10. i considered buying both suits with the possibility of properly photographing them / measuring them / selling them on - if they didn't fit.
    the seller quoted $60 (for one suit) for shipping to the UK, which seems a bit high.
    in the end i decided against it in case there were any nasty surprises. that's the problem with badly listed stuff; it's always a gamble.
  11. Nick D

    Nick D Call Me a Cab

    The postage on small packages from home has been about $40-$60, so that may be the actual shipping for a heavy wool suit. Going the other way, a 2kg package is £23, but 2.1kg is £60.
  12. i think prices must have gone up since i last bought a suit from the U.S. !
  13. Most of my stuff came from the US and I've never paid more than $45 (Priority Mail).
  14. I know that some sellers insist on Express Mail for shipping to overseas destinations but that would be almost $75 for a box or $38 for a flat rate envelope.
    Priority Mail International Large Flat Rate Box (puh!) would set you back exactly $60.95. Maybe the seller simply doesn't have a clue as to what option would be the most appropriate.
  15. these two are back on.
    i actually replied to the seller to say she should consider taking the time to photograph and measure these suits clearly, put them in the vintage section and she might make a really good price.
    well, she's put them in the vintage section. but hasn't bothered with better photos or measurements.
  16. Unsold again. This time around I got very close to buying them (of course only to sell them on) but I found it too risky as well.
  17. Cobden

    Cobden Practically Family

    The third time around, I did end up buying the Brown suit, and as luck would have it it fit beautifully (excepting trouser length, which is easily sortable). Glad I took a punt now
  18. please post some pics Cobden.

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