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Removing sweat stains...

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Johnnysan, May 1, 2005.

  1. Hi, guys. I've had my eye on a vintage fedora that is available for sale, but have one concern - it is light grey and shows some sweat staining at the base of the crown. I know that there are a lot of restoration masters out there, but can a hat like this be cleaned to virtually "as-new" condition? Thanks!
  2. Not very hard to do.

    Vinegar and water will work most of the time. A hatter will use Nappa to clean a hat its basically Lighter Fluid!! I have cleaned many light colored hats this way. I live in Florida and sweat thru them all the time. :)

    If you needed it cleaned,blocked new liner and sweat and ribbon $35.00 send it to Steve AKA Fedora at this site

    http://www.adventurebilthats.com/ Steve Delk Master Hatter

    This link will help you.

    http://www.versatilevinegar.org/ Vinegar cleaning tips


  3. Sharpey,

    Thanks for the quick reply and great advice...I sweat like a horse [huh] and will have to give the vinegar a try. Ever try this on darker hats? Any issues with color-fastness?
  4. Nope!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nope has worked every time for me dark or light hats. So far no color problems for me. :)

  5. Michael D

    Michael D Familiar Face

    Ribbon stains

    How does this work on ribbon stains???


  6. Thanks, Sharpey!!

    Hey, Sharpey...

    Just wanted to say "thanks" again for the great advice. My father who is 83 years old has been admiring my hats for awhile and recently commented that he liked the look of a Stetson Whippet in an old ad that I had framed and hanging up at home. He wears a 6 7/8 and I managed to nab an old light grey Mallory for him on eBay. When it arrived, I discovered that it had a few water stains on it from being poorly stored.

    I tried the vinegar solution and it worked like a charm! The stains came out after one pass, as did most of the musty smell. Thanks for your help! :cheers1:
  7. It works the same but I just use water. Sometimes water and lemon can hurt a striped ribbon if the color bleeds---particularly on old boaters. You can tell pretty easy by using water first then blotting with a paper towel. If the color comes off on the towel dark then you don't want to use lemon. I have gotten rid of most ribbon sweat stains with plain water. The best way to keep them out is prevent them from setting at the beginning. If you see one after you wear the hat then dilute it with water and a Q tip. Blot with a paper towel and most likely you will never see it.

    Regards to all,

  8. How exactly would one go about cleaning light stains on a hat using a vinegar treatment?
    I have a Stetson Open Road with a light stain on the left side of the crown.
    I would like to be able to clean it myself before sending it out for a clean/reblock.

    How could I do this myself?
  9. Scout Felt hat Cleaner. Do the whole hat because it will be all clean---not just one spot. ;) The foam has never hurt a hat of mine so far.

    Regards to all,

  10. Thanks!

    Thanks jamespowers! I was getting desperate here. :)
  11. rocketeer

    rocketeer Call Me a Cab

    Cleaning my Mayser Panama (sweat stains).

    Hi, I not a great hat wearer but now its summer I thought I would dig out something to keep the sun off.
    The hat is made by Mayser of Germany in a typical trilby/fedora style, though it is straw I don't think it is foldable, to be honest I bought it on holiday so don't really know what kind of straww, raffia etc and no details came with it.
    My problem is that it has now acquired a sweat stain around the forehead area as you can see from the pic. I know it is not discolouration from the leather band as this is only in the forehead area.
    Plain and simple, any ideas on cleaning.? I dont want to just soak it in water in case this may shrink the hat.
    Many thanks, Johnny T

    Sorry if this has already been covered but I could not find a similar post:)


  12. Hope you get some help. I moved the post here so maybe a general thread on sweat cleaning will be easier to search for.
    Good luck!
  13. rocketeer

    rocketeer Call Me a Cab

    Thanks:cool: I didnt know if this had been covered and just no time to sort through the thousands of posts. JT

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