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Replacement sweatbands

Discussion in 'Hats' started by dlgilbert, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. dlgilbert

    dlgilbert New in Town

    I have a couple inexpensive wool felt hats that are lined and have those "fake leather" sweatbands in them that are actually made of cardboard or paper and then finished to look like leather... which makes them akin to wearing Saran Wrap around your head from a breathability standpoint. :p

    Since they're inexpensive hats, I don't really want to spend $20 (or thereabouts) to have a hat shop put a real leather band in, but I'd like to replace the current sweatband with something else... cloth or leather, doesn't matter.

    Any ideas about where to get a replacement band (and possibly how to go about the actual process of replacement) or how to modify the existing one to make it a bit more comfortable?

    (I have a couple other fur felt hats that have that kind of sweatband, too, and they're getting sent out to Optimo this week for a bit of servicing, including sweatband replacement. Those paper sweatbands should be illegal! ;) )
  2. Sweat bands

    Good roan leather sweats.

    You can order one or a hundred.

    They are called Fern/Thatcher Co Inc. I-816-238-8720 Ask for Wanda. The 1 5/8 reeded Antique smooth is the way to go.

    Cost $2.82 each.

  3. ScottFree

    ScottFree Suspended

    Hi SHARPETOYS, what does the term Roan mean? I have heard it used quite a bit.


  4. Roan Leather

    Roan - a soft sheepskin leather. :)
  5. ScottFree

    ScottFree Suspended

    Thank you SHARPTOYES, I have several hats with quite soft leather sweat bands but was unaware that it was roan.


  6. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Nice to see you again

    You've been conspicuously absent, Sharpy, nice to have you around.
  7. Cool1

    Cool1 New in Town

    Stetson Refurbishing?

    I have a thirty year old Stetson Dune I purchased new. It is overdue for a new band and liner and I would appreciate recommendations of a hatter who can restore it. Any ideas?

    Thanks, in advance.
  8. Where in Texas are you? If you are close by and want to drop it off, Paris Hatters in San Antonio will put a new one in for about $25.00. If you are not near San Antonio and don't mind shipping it, most of the custom hatters on the lounge will install one for you. They will do a much better job too.
  9. Catalena Hatters have done a couple for me over the years. http://catalenahats.com/FeltHatRestoration
    I didn't realize the Dune came out in 1984...

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