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Resistol San Antonio 7 1/4 Silverbelly

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by theinterchange, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Hat had liner replacement, cleaning, and a reblock by Optimo. [I'm selling for the same reason the previous owner did, I dislike their block choice [huh]] The sweatband is original and in excellent condition.

    Again, it's a true to size 7 1/4





    There are a few moth nibbles here and there, but aren't noticeable while wearing the hat...


    THIS divot, I personally think Optimo somehow caused...

    Overall the hat is in good condition, I'm hesitant to say great or excellent, but I'm picky about vintage item conditions and found this hat very wearable and acceptable.

    I'd like $110 shipped to US members. [payment via PayPal]

    Any questions, or want more photos? Just ask!


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  2. Rodkins

    Rodkins Call Me a Cab

    I saw this one in person and it is a fine looking lid.
  3. I would dearly love to have a San Antonio, but I need one in 7 5/8 or 7 3/4.

  4. Thanks! I like the hat itself, but the block shape isn't to my liking after some time with it in hand... plus I really don't want to spend the money for a reblock of the reblock.
    I could also use a little extra cash at present.
  5. that is a gorgeous hat. have you thought about re-creasing it yourself?
  6. Oh I did, what you see is my creasing, but the overall block shape has too much taper for my taste.
  7. Viktor

    Viktor One of the Regulars

    Lovely lid, looks like a 5" crown.
  8. Bump
  9. W_B_K

    W_B_K New in Town

    GLWS! Beautiful hat; sure would love one but I'd need 7 3/8 :(
  10. Also, I'm open to reasonable offers.

  11. *ahem

  12. buzz79

    buzz79 New in Town

    I tried to e-mail you but got no response. So let's try this instead, I'm interested send me an e-mail and I'll buy it.

    Marc Foster
  13. Email sent, Marc! Sorry your message was buried in my inbox.
  14. Thanks for your interest folks, the hat has sold.


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