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Revlon cherries in the snow V besame Cherry red

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Miss Retro, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. I've placed an order for the Besame Cherry Red and was thinking of getting the Revlon to.Are they nearly the same or is it worth getting both of them.
  2. RodeoRose

    RodeoRose A-List Customer

    Cherries In The Snow is actually more of a deep pink or berry color (on me at least) :)
    As I think Besame's Cherry Red is more of a true red, they definitely wouldn't be too similar.
  3. I haven't tried Besame Red, but I have tried Cherries in the Snow. I bought it and actually ended up putting it in the Beauty Box last round because I couldn't wear it. I would not call it a red at all, it is a very bright fuchsia pink.
  4. I agree with both comments above..you will definitely end up with two totally different lipsticks.Nothing alike.
  5. ThemThereEyes

    ThemThereEyes One of the Regulars

    I remember having Revlon CITS and not liking it as it was more pink than red, as stated by the others. I have and love Besame CR. It is a deep full on cherry red.
  6. kamikat

    kamikat Call Me a Cab

    Another agreement. I like Cherries in the Snow during the summer, it's a hot pink for me. Besame Cherry Red is a nice, blue based red.
  7. DigThatBeat

    DigThatBeat Familiar Face

    They are totally different. On me, Cherry Red is a dark blue red, and Cherries in the Snow is fuchsia.
  8. Well My Besame Cherry Red came today......wow its such a beautiful color.With my pale complexion it really sands out and i love it! Thank you for your great advice :)
  9. Tishkaminx

    Tishkaminx One of the Regulars

    Hi There

    I have found a few dupes in my kit:

    Besame Cherry Red= MAC Runaway red
    Besame Portrait pink= Revlon Pink in the afternoon
    Besame Red= Looks fairly close to MAC Ruby Woo to me or Revlon Love that Red
    Besame Noir red= MAC sin/ Revlon Black Cherry
    Revlon Raven red= Chanel Paris
    Besame Red Velvet- I'm guessing its similar to MAC Charred red or Revlon Blackberry

    Cherries in the snow is one of my most favourite shades - I'd love to find a dupe for it (just for fun). I'm starting to think that many of Besames shades were modelled on classic Revlon shades......

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