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Rollers in public

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by MarieAnne, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. MarieAnne

    MarieAnne Practically Family

    I usually go to the gym in the morning. This makes it pretty much useless for me to set my hair overnight. Unless...I wore my curlers, or pin curls, to the gym. Do you ladies think that would be too much? Is there a better solution?
  2. I am always wearing my curlers out in public... to do errands, meet friends, whatever it may be. I don't find it the least bit embarressing... I mean people don't know why I am setting my hair, I could be getting marries, doing a shoot, going out that night. It doesn't matter to me what people think. :)

    The only concern I would have for you would be ruining the curls from the heat and sweat on your head.
  3. A good period-appropriate solution is to simply tie a bandana over your curlers Rosie-the-Riveter style. I do this all the time when I'm rushing around doing errands, with no adverse effect on the end results. Plus I never have to worry about losing hairpins!
  4. Yea, that is what I was thinking. That is why I don't sleep in curlers, it makes me hot and I wake up with soggy hair.
  5. KittyT

    KittyT I'll Lock Up

    I go out in curlers all the time! The folks at the vintage shops here love it when I come in wearing a vintage house dress and have rollers in my hair :) I wouldn't wear them to the gym though - too much risk in ruining your set.
  6. MarieAnne

    MarieAnne Practically Family

    Great! I'll definitely wear them out more. I'm always looking for a time when I will spend ~8hrs in the house to set my hair but that's almost impossible. I used to work in a call center though and I always set my hair during work. I'll wear them to the gym this week and see how it goes. I was actually hoping the sweat and heat (not that much, I mostly lift weights) would help set the hair. Do you ladies wear scarves or nets when you take your rollers out in public. What size of scarf is apropriate for covering up a spong roller set? Is there a fancy way to tie it up?
  7. PrettySquareGal

    PrettySquareGal My Mail is Forwarded Here

    A lady friend told me that it was a sign of pride in the 50's- it often meant you had a date that evening!
  8. KittyT

    KittyT I'll Lock Up

    I think most of the gals here tie a scarf around their head when waiting for a set. I take a large chiffon scarf and fold it in half diagonally, tying it around Rosie-the-Riveter style.

    There is a recent thread about this: http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?t=23066
  9. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    The book On Writing Well has a hilarious article on girls wearing their hair in curlers in public. Apparently, in the early 1960s, girls were wearing curlers not only to the store but to the movies, etc. The author wondered when they ever took them out. What was the momentous occasion they were saving the hairdo for? He wrote a mock advice column for a made-up magazine about the subject. One "reader" said that her boyfriend's fingers got stuck in the curlers at the movies and she had to call her hairdresser at home. Another "reader" said she took the curlers out of her hair and her boyfriend saw her without them for the first time and he complained that her head was too small. Given these "hazards," I wouldn't keep my hair up in curlers too much of the time. What about a perm?
  10. I rarely ever go out with anything in my hair I have a great hood dryer that can do the trick in 45min but if I have to I set that back half of my hair in curlers and the front in pin curls and put a bandana on and let my front pin curls stick out yet cover all the rollers. People think it's cute and they don't know I have a head of curlers on in the back.
  11. LadyDeWinter

    LadyDeWinter A-List Customer

    I know that American ladies go out in curlers. But in Germany that wouldn't be possible. No women would go out in curlers that would be very embarrassing.
    That's just a difference in culture.
  12. roselily

    roselily One of the Regulars

    This thread makes me laugh.

    A co-worker at my morning job was telling me how glamorous my life seems (I'm an actress). As I was standing at the gas station, in the rain, in my sweats with no-makeup, hair in rollers, I'm thinking, "Gee, I feel so glam right now!)lol

    I've been alot of strange places in my rollers before shows. I've gotten used to the strange looks.
  13. KittyT

    KittyT I'll Lock Up

    I'm not so sure about that. Most American ladies won't go out in rollers either - just those of us who don't necessarily care what others think because we do not ascribe to their values of style.
  14. TheDutchess

    TheDutchess One of the Regulars

    I think you can totally go out in curlers and still look alright. I saw an older woman at the store yesturday and she had a full roller set on she just covered it up with a long scarf, with a button down, wide legs jeans and heels. And honey she looked good! I say go out in your curlers, just as long as you dont wear a muhmoo and stockings rolled down to your ankle's like the grandma in that TV show Momma's Family.
  15. GwenLake

    GwenLake One of the Regulars

    I agree completely. Things are just different here. I can't imagine going out in wet hair, let alone curlers.
  16. Don't worry...some of us in America wouldn't either....

    just depends really.
  17. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    It's been said, "Don't wear anything in public that you wouldn't want to be photographed in." As for whether it's good to be photographed in curlers, I'll leave it to readers to decide.
  18. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    We cant be fall-out-beautiful all the time.

    Greatness takes preparation, and a good head scarf ;)

  19. queen of jacque

    queen of jacque New in Town

    Yep, no curlers out-of-the-home here.

    From yet another conservative center in America, curlers in public would be so wrong. When I moved to Georgia, there were rules to learn quickly: no sweats at the grocery store, no wet hair in public, no curlers unless you're headed to the emergency room... Aren't we lucky there's diversity in this country?
  20. Everyone in my family always laughs because before I go out of the house, I MUST shower. I can't help it. It's just ....me.

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