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Ruined leather sweatband

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Colby Jack, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Hello folks...
    I wore my Disney to the Ren Faire..and sweated a lot:eusa_doh: ...Got home...hung the hat up...and didn't wear it for a day or so. Put it on...and found the sweat had shrunk and dried out. I pushed it down on the noggin and ripped the sweat...:rage:
    Other than the standard answers:D ....what should I have done to the sweat to keep it from drying out like that, or what to do after the fact? Is there a treatment I can give my leather sweat, to keep it from drying out like that?
    Another question....what's a good summer felt? I have a panama, but find it also very warm to wear in the summer...it doesn't breath as well as I had hoped.
  2. Spatterdash

    Spatterdash A-List Customer

    A thin wipe of caruba wax or just plain old saddle soap, a very thin wipe, will help.
    Wipe it clean with a slightly dampened rag (water) after a hard day, to remove salts and oils, then reapply a thin wipe of wax after it dries.

    That's what I do.

    My sympathies for the hat. You should be able to find a hatter that can sew a new one back in.
  3. Just wrap Saranwrap around your head before you put your hats on! That will keep the sweat off of them.lol lol lol lol lol lol lol :rolleyes: :D :eek:
  4. Lexol, commonly found in auto parts stores as a treatment for leather seats, is the best treatment for leather sweats. Luke Hattley, Leather Craftsman (>cactus@bellsouth.net<), told me that at a gathering in Memphis in October. The 'facing' or smooth part of the leather that touches your forehead will not really absorb very much, but treat that first, and be careful to treat it down to the stitches (but not onto the felt). Give that some time to soak in, and then gently try to turn the sweat out and treat the back side, which will really drink the lexol. Vintage sweats can be so fragile; somtimes the stitching is dried out so make sure it has been moistened before attempting to turn the sweat out. If the leather has dry-rotted it will crack open and tear, bummer. Treating them is a risk, but so is not treating them a risk!
  5. You might not have been able to prevent what happened. Your hat is not a loss, though. After treating the sweatband, now, it may be wearable for a long time. Surprisingly, a torn sweatband is not usually uncomfortable to wear. If it continues to come apart, however, it will need to be replaced. :)
  6. Are you sure you really want to let your beauty secrets out like that IC?
    Have you treated Rememberance?
  7. Thanks John...I'll pick some up from the auto place tomorrow.:)
  8. Thanks J.T.
    It's comfortable again, even with the tear. Though I want to keep it from going any further and retain the antique sweat.:D
  9. What about a newer hat?...Should those be treated as well?[huh] Cuz I plan on getting an Art, and I would hate for the sweat to go bad in that.

    Also...what would be a good summer felt?...An Artlight or one of the lighter weight Akubras?[huh]
  10. Exactly what I do. This is good advice Colby.
    On newer hats, especially the one you mention ;) , you don't need to treat the sweatband as it has been made not long ago and is not likely to dry out in a long while. You should, however, clean it after you sweat in the hat as the salts and oils previously mentioned will hurt the sweatband over time if allowed to build up.


  11. I haven't done anything to Remembrance but give it a light brushing when it needs it.:D
  12. Thanks JP
    I'll be looking for the Lexol tomorrow and give them all a good leather treatment!
    Does anyone know if the Akubra sweats stand up better?
  13. In short, no. I don't think they are using the highest quality roan leather for their sweatbands from what I have seen. [huh]
  14. The sweat in my federation seems pretty thin compared to other hats.[huh]
  15. airforceindy

    airforceindy One of the Regulars

    I haven't had any experience with stock sweats from Akubra, but the new one that Optimo put in my Fed Dlx is absolutely luxurious. It's relatively thick, soft as butter, and a bit wider (so it seems) than others I've seen.
  16. Well then I may end up sending my Disney off to Optimo somewhere down the road...:D

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