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Rules of Engagement

Discussion in 'WWII' started by PADDY, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. PADDY

    PADDY I'll Lock Up Bartender

    The WWII room will not be accepting threads linked to organisations (or similar) such as the S.S. and extremist right wing facism of that period.
    Showcasing of extremist organisations of an inflammatory nature in words or image that is likely to cause overwhelming offence to Lounge members will quite rightly find no haven in here.

    The Management Team reserve all rights to make balanced judgement calls when deemed appropriate.

    We aim to create an environment where discussion and sharing can take place in a calm and civil manner that shows respect and decorum for all our Lounge members and their backgrounds. We discourage any platform for harrassment, prejudice and insults, unbecoming of the civil ethos of The Lounge.

    It is fair to say that we want all our members to feel safe and comfortable here, and enjoy themselves without any feeling of threat, intimidation or malice.

    Anything deemed unsuitable or inappropriate material by the WWII Management Team will be dealt with as and when necessary. Any decisions by the WWII MT, will be final.

    Just before you post something, it's always worth taking a minute of time to think 'how appropriate' it is to 'this WWII room,' how appropriate it is to the ethos of 'The Lounge,' and 'be direct' in specifying 'what exactly' you want from the posting :)

    Thankyou to all our members out there for your continued cooperation in helping make the WWII room the great "Golden Era" resource that it has become over the last few years.:eusa_clap It's all due to YOU!! ;)

  2. Just a Reminder...

    Paddy's Rules of Engagement are still in effect!
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