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Saddle shoes

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Gigi, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Gigi

    Gigi New in Town

    I'm desperate for a pair of womens saddle shoes, but I need them by Christmas! I've been hunting around for a while and none of the shoe stores near me carry them (although, I've seen them there before). Does anyone know any stores that carry them? Obviously you can find them online, but I doubt they'll get here before Christmas. Thanks!
  2. What about stores where they sell cheerleader uniforms? Or maybe a "mom & pop" shoe store, rather than a chain?
  3. dakotanorth

    dakotanorth Practically Family

    I doubt you can get them by Christmas, BUT, try www.muffys.com for tons of saddles.
  4. Ebay and Payless.com sell them.
  5. I've been wanting a pair since I was about 12 & still haven't gotten around to getting some. :eek: I remember one day my 7th grade homeroom teacher came in wearing a pair & I thought they were so cute.
  6. Pink Dahlia

    Pink Dahlia Call Me a Cab

    You could probably get expedited shipping.
  7. ~*Red*~

    ~*Red*~ Practically Family

    Occasionally Payless Shoes carries them, but they are junk. If you need them right away just for a look, it might be worth looking into. They also carry them in their online store. Otherwise, I'd try ebay, and Mufy's are VERY nice indeed. I've been lusting after a few pairs from Muffy's for years.:D
  8. Decobelle

    Decobelle One of the Regulars

    I seem to recall that my muffy's saddles got here pretty fast - I am on the west coast and so is she, tho. They're very nice, good quality. You could call Muffy herself and see if she'd be able to rush a pair out to you. The only other store not already mentioned where I've seen them lately is Remix in L.A.
  9. nyx

    nyx One of the Regulars

    I don't remember where I got my saddle shoes, but I have to say I'm drooling over those red maryjanes that Muffy's has on the site. I love maryjanes and I'm partial to red, so I think these might be my Christmas present to myself :D
  10. Blondie

    Blondie Practically Family

    My vote goes to Muffys,
    Have bought a few pairs of them in the past !
    Well made, the price isnt too bad , a lot of styles to choose from too.
  11. ShortClara

    ShortClara One Too Many

    Maybe I'm a freak, but my cheapie Payless ones are holding up pretty well. I'm sure I'll graduate to the nicer leather kinds, but I dig the ones I have. I'm wearing them in my avatar.
  12. MissHannah

    MissHannah One Too Many

    Anyone know a good place in the UK for saddle shoes? I got a pair of George Cox ones for a tenner on Ebay but they are really uncomfortable.
  13. Ms. McGraw

    Ms. McGraw One of the Regulars

    If you can wear a women's US 6 or smaller you can buy Bass saddles at Stride Rite...that's where I got mine. You can all laugh at me know for buying shoes at a kid's store! lol
  14. ~*Red*~

    ~*Red*~ Practically Family

    I would never laugh, because I used to do the same! I used to buy the Kid sizes of Doc Martens because they were cheaper! I also have very short legs, and even the Short length in jeans/pants are way too long on me, so when I was much skinnier, I used to buy my jeans in the kids section. Of course, later on I found out about the "petite" section.. but the kids were cheaper! ;)

    If you can do it, why not?! right?:D
  15. Gigi

    Gigi New in Town

    I saw some in Stride Rite the other day, but I didn't even bother b/c I didn't think they'd sell any to fit me! Thank goodness for small feet!
  16. KittyT

    KittyT I'll Lock Up

    Muffy's has a great selection but I was less than impressed with them when I emailed them with an inquiry and received no reply. I bought my vintage ones on Ebay.
  17. Smuterella

    Smuterella One Too Many

    Sorry to resurrect this thread, i know nothing about saddle shoes/flats and need a little education

    I think I need two pairs of flat, vintage-y shoes, a pair to wear with blacks and a pair to wear with browns

    What would you girls recommend? I was thinking maybe two pairs of saddle shoes or perhaps just brown brogues and one pair of black/white saddle shoes

    I'm in a shoe quandary....help! All suggestions/advice gratefully received.
  18. How flat do you mean by flat? If you're looking for a good sensible flattish but not completely flat plain oxford, something like the Clinic Coquette might be what you need - it's got a 1-inch heel, but you don't even notice it because the shoe is so darn comfortable. Brown is hard to find now -- some colors, at least, have been discontinued, and not all colors are available in all sizes -- but if you luck out this could be an answer. (It comes in black too, and I tend to see these around more often.) This is a longtime favorite shoe for me, and it's held up very well under a lot of wear.

    Saddles in brown and white are very period-appropriate if you're going for a thirties/forties look -- they were the most common saddle style before the war. Mine came from Muffy's several years ago, and they've also held up well -- I wear them practically every day in the summer!

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