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Seeking "ID" help this emblem.......

Discussion in 'WWII' started by SIGGY, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. SIGGY

    SIGGY A-List Customer

    Here's an emblem on a WW2 era jacket asked to "ID", I have never seen it before, It 12936745_789512324513009_4045945735942793178_n.jpg was possibly linked to Dover ,Delaware AAFLD , and a P-47 RTU/School type etc , if you know what unit this is Please post , Much Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. In the Army, a torch usually means a "school" patch, but I've never seen this one.
  3. SIGGY

    SIGGY A-List Customer

    Thanks TPD166, yes I agree also in the USAAF/USAF usually "Training" , I have a couple of leads that both indicate it may be the "In combat/overseas version of the 410th Fighter Squadron, I have found and one of the two "leads: also agree that the emblem posted "here" was the "stateside" version of the 410th FS ........ 410th Fighter Squadron, WW2, current unit 195th Fighter Sqd F-16's,PB.jpg
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  4. robrinay

    robrinay One Too Many

    It's similar to one on the wall in the (swamp?) - bar on Mash the TV series -a fist holding the torch rather than a helmet but the same lightning bolt I'll try and get a screen shot of it later - if I can I'll post it here - for the record it's series 8 episode 23 and its visible when Hunnicut and Aggie the female war correspondent he falls in love with, are in the bar.
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  5. SIGGY

    SIGGY A-List Customer

    robrinay , i know the one you mean, here ya go 69th Fighter Squadron.png 69th Fighter Squadron , but I know that's not the emblem .

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