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Discussion in 'Hats' started by msm007, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. msm007

    msm007 One of the Regulars

    Anyone have any experience with SERRATELLI western hats? I have never heard of them before- any advice appreciated.
  2. I have handled a couple of their 100X hats and I think they struck me as being more comparable to 30X Stetson or Resistol hats. I believe they are made in Stephenville TX but the origin of their felt hat bodies used is a mystery to me.
  3. I have a 5x beaver and the felt is thin compared to my other hats but has a really nice feel to it. I think the quality of the felt is better than my 4x Stetson.
  4. Has anyone had recent experience buying from Serratelli or North Sea Traders ? Serratelli's website seems to be down for revision. North Sea Trader's site shows numerous Serratelli hats, but I've never seen or handled one.
  5. fmw

    fmw One Too Many

    Here's a shot of mine. It has an 8X rating and I would view that as comparable to Stetson. I don't have an 8X Stetson but I do have a couple of 6X and the Serratelli is just a tiny bit nicer in terms of finish and feel. Great hats. If you like the styling go for it.

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  6. fmw,
    Thanks for the encouraging words. Serratelli seems to be a small outfit, so only very sketchy details about them on the internet. Good to hear from you and others that they produce quality hats. That's a great photo of hat and boots!
  7. wing-nut

    wing-nut New in Town

    I live in Stephenville TX where their outlet store exists. I am not sure if they make any hats here. They have a large showrooom. If anyone is interested I can ask them personally.
  8. Here in Roseburg, Oregon, the local farmer's co-op store (D.C. Co-Op) carries Serratelli exclusively as their upper-crust line. They look quite sharp, and the felt feels nice. I saw a $189 tag on the boxes, but I don't know the X designation.
  9. fmw

    fmw One Too Many

    What is funny to me is that I read about people getting made fun of wearing fedoras in their area. I'm in Indiana where western clothing is virtually unknown. I never, ever get comments about wearing a Western hat. The boots, on the other hand, do get comments-usually good natured ribbing. I've been wearing Western boots for decades, mostly because they are so comfortable. Glad you liked the photo.
  10. danofarlington

    danofarlington My Mail is Forwarded Here

    If the boots are cool, you can withstand the ribbing I'm sure. Boots are almost as cool as hats. Only clunky boots are unfashionable IMHO.
  11. fmw

    fmw One Too Many

    I tend to choose very simple boots. I don't wear lizard skin or flaming eagle wings. I get western boots that are about as vanilla and conservative as possible. I have black, dark tan and the black cherry you see in the Serratelli hat picture.
  12. danofarlington

    danofarlington My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I have to go Internet shopping for boots like that. Monabla mentioned earlier Lucchese in Fort Worth. I wouldn't mind hearing about other outlets for stores that carry conservative cowboy boots or "dress boots," which is also a target. I looked a few times but the selection is overwhelming.
  13. fmw

    fmw One Too Many

    I've never had Lucchese boots but they are considered top notch. My experience is with Justin, Tony Lama and Dan Post. Lately, I buy Dan Post boots because they fit me so well. They feel like customs right out of the box and that's a big deal for someone with a EEE width like me. The Lamas have been good for me also. I don't care for Justin at all. It's pretty hard to suggest what might fit you best but here's where to get simple, uncomplicated, conservative Western boots like the ones in the picture.

    Take note that Western boots have a choice of toe profiles - pointed, medium, square, round, snip etc. etc. The boots in my picture are medium toe. Most of my boots are pointed. But, of course, you can get whatever appeals to you. Shepler's or Cavender's have a wide enough assortment to get a feel for it. And they do sell Lucchese.
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  14. fmw

    fmw One Too Many

    Dan, here's a good looking Lucchese boot in a pointed toe. Nothing flashy at all. Here it is in a medium toe.
  15. I have Luccheses as well as Justins & Ariats, all with "roper" style toes. Do some research on Justin Ropers & you'll see why they are most popular with those that show & work horses.
    Stylewise, they are very conservative but can get jazzed up with stitching & exotic skins. I have both smooth & full quill ostrich along with stag/deer hide. Rio of Mercedes is a good US boot maker too.
    Nocona boots were started by Justin's daughter then eventually bought by the Justin corp. They are like HatCo in buying up boot brands.
    Double H boots are made in PA.
  16. I buy my Justins at the factory outlet in Ft. Worth and go down to the factory store in San antonio for my Luchesse's. I just ordered a pair of these at the Luchesse store and should get them in about 6 weeks. There is nothing like a pair of made-to-measure boots :) They will spoil ya ! Here's a pic from the Luchesse catalog of what I'm getting :

  17. My next bald guy cover will, in all likelihood, be a Serratelli. A western shop in my area really talked up this brand; the owner showed me several higher X Serratelli's and had me compare them, side by side, with his other brands, namely Stetson & Resistol. The quality of the felt, the finish, and the lower price sold me on the brand. (Currently I own several Stetsons, Resistols, and a couple of Rodeo Kings.). Now all I have to do is to sell the Mrs. on the idea that I "need" another fur felt.

    Gtdean, you are correct in the Justin-Nocona connection. We can also throw in the Tony Lama brand, which is also part of the Justin family. And Justin is but one of a host of companies owned by Berkshire Hathaway, run by Uncle Warren (Buffett).
  18. Bernie Zack

    Bernie Zack One of the Regulars

    That's a great looking hat on you. I almost didn't recognize your picture, given that I am so used to seeing you with a fedora.
  19. fmw

    fmw One Too Many

    Thanks. Actually, I've been wearing Westerns most of my life. I'm fairly new to city hats.
  20. danofarlington

    danofarlington My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Thanks, that's interesting. I'll look into it. They're going to look good with hats, and in generral. I've gotta get a pair or two.

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