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Setting Lotion

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by BelowyourBeauty, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Hello Ladies-

    I need your expertise...please. I'm looking into buying a setting lotion. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated...

  2. You can pick up inexpensive setting lotion in the ethnic hair care section of any drugstore. I've used that with good success, but I also get excellent results by mixing a dab of gel with a dollop of mousse. I have thick, heavy hair, and I find that the stronger hold of this mixture keeps my curls in tip top shape!
  3. MissTayva

    MissTayva Registered User

    The cheap stuff works best. Like jitterbugdoll said, you can find it in the ethnic section. It's usually concentrated and you have to water it down.
    Whatever you do, stay away from Wella Elan setting lotion. It is horrible!

    Aveda also makes one called "Curl Lotion" and it comes in a tube. Pricey,but worth it!
  4. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and got Lottabody. It's a purple liquid you mix with water. I bought a small spray bottle to mix it with the water so it'll have a more even coverage. The price tag says $3.19.
  5. MissTayva

    MissTayva Registered User

    Lottabody... that's the one I use. I couldn't think of the name for some reason. I was only picturing the bottle!
    I mix it just a tad stronger than the directions indicate. It works well!
  6. Its funny you mentioned that product (Wella Elan setting lotion) because I actually looked at that bottle and then I read some previous comment about how horrible it was.....thank you for the info.

    I've been experimenting with several products...I just hate how my hair becomes stiff and flaky.....but thanks again..I'm going to look into that stuff.
  7. MissTayva

    MissTayva Registered User

    Ooh, that stuff is way stiff, and way flaky. I find it rather hard to comb through. Forget it if it's humid! Lottabody, I believe, is humidity resistant (as are a lot of Aveda's products). Good luck!
  8. Can you tell me who makes Lottabody? I've been looking for a good setting lotion for years. So many of the products I use leave my hear feeling limp and dirty rather than soft. My hair is dead straight and quite fine and unless I pin curl it it will lose it style quickly curl-wise.
  9. The bottle says:Coomer U.S.A.,Inc., New York, NY 10017

    There's also an address in Spain: Colomer B.P.P., S.L., Arago 499, Barcelona, Spain

    What's interesting is when I pull this site up:
    It says, "A World Leader in the Leather Industry" with a Barcelona address.

    The Lottabody bottle I got was from Sally's Beauty Supply:
  10. Thanks guys. I may have to order some online. I can't say I've seen Lottabody here in Australia. I've tried the Aveda line, but still makes my hair feel too dirty.
  11. Looking at the sallybeauty link I just posted, I find it interesting that it says Revlon makes it. Revlon is not mentioned anywhere on my bottle and I see nothing on the Revlon site about Lottabody.
  12. MissTayva

    MissTayva Registered User

    I believe Revlon makes it.
    Here is a link that has it for sale:

    That Motions brand (an "Ethnic" brand) is also good. I haven't tried that lotion pictured there... but everything else I've tried is great. I assuming this is, too :)
  13. Thanks gals. Looks like I will have to buy some from the US as I can't find an outlet here for it, which is unusual. Sounds exactly like what I am looking for. Mousses and gels just dont work for my hair.
  14. Well, my Lottabody arrived form the US yesterday. I'll tell you how it goes. Am trying a wet set this weekend for big dance on Saturday night. Thanks again for the tip gals. :)
  15. I'm so glad you were able to find some to order. Hope it works out well.
  16. Lordy!! This stuff is great!!! I didn't have time to do a full wet pin curl set BUT I dampened my hair with it and hot rollered it and let it dry. Now, normally it would just fall out when I dance but the wave lasted all night and into the next day! And I hadn't even really tried to curl it properly!!

    Yahooooooooooooo!! Thanks gals! Its just what I needed for my fine, slippery locks. Can't wait to do the full on wet set soon. Oh, I also did some finger waves the other night for a 30s feel and they just stayed put - all shiny and lovely. And you are right, you can brush out the curl and have it feel all soft and springy. :) :) :)
  17. I am going to get some of that next week. I tried using the gel/mouse combo on my last set and it turned out way too stiff and clumpy.
    My hair has a natural curl and tends to frizz a little after day 2 of my set. Does anyone have a good defrizzer they use for touchups on dry hair??
  18. Kay O'Hara

    Kay O'Hara New in Town

    I have tried the entire Motions line.......they're fabulous! and yes, this lotion is awesome too!

    Kay oxxo
  19. MissTayva

    MissTayva Registered User

    Frederick Fekkai glossing cream!

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