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Show off the sports coats.

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Matt Deckard, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Probably had a thread on this a while back, though think it needs a rehash.

    I bought this jacket at the Camarillo Brooks Brothers outlet back in 2002. It served me well everywhere and I wore it to death. I wore it to the point where friends were offering me jackets to get me out of this one. I loved it. I need to see if it can be taken in. The colors are perfect. The pattern is perfect. I wish it were a suit. It's now too big.

    If you get the right sport coat you can make a whole wardrobe around it... get two and people wont think you're crazy.

    They are great for starting wardrobes, especially if you have the girlfriend nagging you to dress up more often. It's the sportjacket. If you don't want to be stuck with only the suit to wear when on a business trip, this can be your recourse for looking different with trouser and shirt and tie selections.


    Show us yours
  2. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    Here's A Few

  3. Nice jackets.. though nothing without a person in them.

    How about your favorite?

    I'd like to see people pics.
  4. .

    Agreed. It's lifeless without the person.
  5. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    This is one of my favorite Harris Tweed jackets. I grab this one to wear on my evening walks in the more temperate months. I love the bold Houndstooth:


    And here is another tweed jacket. I am partial to tweeds. Perhaps it is the harsh New England climate. I really like the fit of this one:


    Notice the hiking boots. That's because I am in New Hampshire.
  6. I recently bought two sportjackets -- a deep chocolate brown tweed from the 'bay and a Clairborne 3-button in what I'd call a subdued windowpane pattern(also a deep brown, but slightly darker than the tweed) from Belk. It was originally $295, but it was on the clearance rack for 45 bucks, a great deal and they both fit me perfectly.

    My camera is down at the moment, but I'll snap some pics soon.
  7. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    Actually, I prefer the Paul Stuart presentation, with no human element to distract from the style. That said, I have hundreds of photos of my wardrobe which was shot in this fashion and I'm not about to re-shoot it anytime soon.

  8. Well......

    ....maybe it will be of use to someone.
  9. .

    I really like them too. Nice pics!
  10. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    You're probably right, a wasted effort. I think that it's best that I don't post anymore of my stuff.
  11. .


    You know I have not long ago sent you a PM saying I really appreciate your posts. I just don't get much out of seeing clothes laying flat. That is not meant to be offensive.
  12. Huh?

    Just post cool pics of your jackets that you like. Tell us your stories of your favorite sportjacket.

    Mine is above. It has a history that goes from Italy to Florida.
  13. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Thank you very much. ;)

    I am really looking forward to Fall and tweed sportcoat whether. I'll be bringing one of these to Italy with me in November then straight to The Queen Mary. So, it will have that much richer of a history.

    Another interesting thing about tweeds is that they already come with a history in the weave of the fabric, sometimes of clan, locale, or country, or often colors that are symbollic of nature. There is a certain romance to a tweed sportcoat, or even to a Palm Beach Plaid for that matter. ;)

    And no offense to Tomasso, or anyone else, but I also agree that clothes and hats need bodies to animate them; to see the drape, fit, texture, cut, and for hats the proportion, brim conformity to the head, and fit. It's also a nice way to get to know our fellow members. Clothes laying on a flat surface are lifeless things.

    Matt, I like your jacket and in that pic you have that "Clark Kent rushing to the phonebooth look about you." ;)
  14. Or that he ate some bad mango...
  15. Actually the pic was me off to get a phone call from Chicago.
  16. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    Leo Melamed? Pat Arbor?
  17. National Futures Association... of which I am a member.
  18. resortes805

    resortes805 Call Me a Cab

    Thought I'd revive this thread

    Most of my sportjackets are just pantsless suit jacket, here are some of the more interesting ones:

    Here are some rock'n'roll fifties. . .

    and of course, my single button, peak lapel hepkat jacket:
  19. The real Henry

    The real Henry Practically Family

    I think sport jackets are great for everyday wear as there are countless ways to combine things and as an Indiana Jones-fan and collector of the clothes that were worn in the films I simply like the idea of the tough tweed sport coat that you can put in travel bag and wear on more formal events.
    I think I like a sport worn with a vest and pants in the same color (for example: choc-brown coat + dark brown vest and pants) better than a totally matching suit.

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  20. resortes805, as usual you have the best looking stuff! :eusa_clap

    I like the versatility of a sports coat.


    This is a two piece herrigbone but it looks great as a sportscoat.

    I have a few others I will try to get pictures of.

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