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Show us your Guns!

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by Undertow, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. One gun to rule them all . . . IMG_0279.jpg IMG_0280.jpg IMG_0281.jpg
  2. Sauer 16x16x7x57R It's going to Briley because the chokes are F/F which in our thick elk/grouse country is pretty silly. The side lever is the safety and the top lever activates the rifle barrel and raises a nice little 'V' sight though with the scope on claw mounts is less than terribly useful. However, if I was hunting grouse and a blacktail showed up I wouldn't waste time trying to mount the scope! I'm looking forward to this. Yanno, I've wanted one of these for about fifty-five years . . .
  3. basbol13

    basbol13 One of the Regulars

    I agree I don't like this auto either, but I would carry it with the idea that if something went down and I had to use it in self defense, I'd be happy to give up this "plastic auto" instead of a Kimber 1911 or Colt Commander to local law enforcement, knowing full well that wouldn't want it either.
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  4. basbol13

    basbol13 One of the Regulars

    Nice looking grips. Who made them? Looks like a pair of scales I got from Gripmaker?
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  5. Luftwaffles

    Luftwaffles One of the Regulars

    Finally got my new grips. Red finished wattle from Marschal.
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  6. They were from Brownell's.

  7. basbol13

    basbol13 One of the Regulars

  8. Kirk H.

    Kirk H. One Too Many


    Picked this up this past weekend. A pre 1921 M&P 38 Special. 6 digit serial number that starts with 2. In looking at several serial number data bases it puts as being manufactured sometime between 1915 and 1919. Bluing is about 90-95 %. Giving a good cleaning. Original grips with one small knick on the bottom of one of the panels. If I make it to 95 to 102 years of age I hope I am in as good of shape as this one....

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  9. FedOregon

    FedOregon I'll Lock Up

    That's a very special piece. Thanks for sharing that with us.
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  10. Kirk, that's a true beauty.
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  11. Kirk H.

    Kirk H. One Too Many

    Thanks Guys
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  12. Kirk H.

    Kirk H. One Too Many


    Here is the Ruger Mini 14 GB that I picked up a few weeks ago
  13. Daniel Hunter

    Daniel Hunter One of the Regulars

    This sat in the display case at my local shop for a few weeks. Fortunately it's old and obscure enough that most people don't know what it is. When they dropped the price I snapped it up.

    German made Interarms import Mauser HSc .380 in nickel

  14. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    Nice weapon,I had one years ago and let it get away:(.
  15. 1955mercury

    1955mercury One of the Regulars

    I picked up a little used 380 Bersa yesterday.
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  16. SSuperDave

    SSuperDave New in Town

    My wife has one like that, and for the price, it is a good shooter, and feels good in your hand. It is a PPK knockoff.
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  17. I just saw that CZ is listing their neat little 527 mini mauser in 6.5 Grendel, so a trip to the gunshop tomorrow is in order.
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  18. If I was going to by a CZ it would either be in .505 Gibbs or 9.3x62. Can't really come up with a use for the Grendel being as I have a 6.5x55 but--enjoy!
  19. Inkstainedwretch

    Inkstainedwretch Practically Family

    Nice shoes!
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  20. Kirk H.

    Kirk H. One Too Many

    LOL, thanks. Just noticed that my feet made it into the shot. The joys of Smart phone photography.

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