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Show us your home decor!

Discussion in 'Your Vintage Home' started by Amy Jeanne, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. LD -- the"rubber goods" hanging on the bathroom wall brings back many memories!
  2. ^ That is a very cool apartment, Lady Day!
  3. Grnidwitch

    Grnidwitch A-List Customer

    LD, you might live in crummy town, but your apartment is to die for. The space is HUGE.
  4. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    There is no water bottle in it, sadly. I should get one just to have.

    Thanks for the compliments, everyone. I LOVE putting a space together. So rewarding.

    And man, you all have some amazing living spaces! Simply inspiring!
  5. ohairas

    ohairas Call Me a Cab

    Loving all of these beautiful homes! The black and white tile everywhere.. the vintage furniture, (esp. chairs!), the linens... and the pets, lol! I envy your vintage kitchens with original cabinets.

    Our house is 105 years old and we've been working on it for about 10 years. Still much to do. My favorite room now is our bedroom. It's pretty froufrou~ My husband built some awesome cornice boxes for the windows since these pics were taken. [​IMG]
    You can see more of the room here,

    We recently had a hide a bed sofa reupholstered. I believe it's from the late 20's but not sure, what they would call a davenport. Here's the before, but I will have to take an after~ [​IMG]
    another reason I haven't hung around the lounge much is because I have a terrible time finding my photos on my new laptop. I have trouble filing them the way I did on old windows. Not sure I remember how to post pics here either, lol~ we shall see. (or not.)

    Here's a favorite raspberry loveseat with vintage smocked pillows~ it's now in my craft room, [​IMG]

    *OK, so most of the pics I tried to post here didn't work. I'll figure it out later, I hope~ so just click the links~ sorry!
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  6. ohairas

    ohairas Call Me a Cab

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  7. tuppence

    tuppence Practically Family

    I love love love the smocked pillows.
  8. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

  9. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    I'll have some pics to post after I get the new place sorted. It's taking awhile to find a place for everything!
  10. newsman

    newsman One of the Regulars

    No kidding.

    This forum is full of some very interesting people. I'd say...the most polite on the internet. :)
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  11. Wells

    Wells Familiar Face

    Such beautiful homes!

    I haven't any pictures to post yet, but in the years to follow I will be happy to share photos of my vintage home.
  12. Part of the living room, although this picture was taken last year.

    Today it mostly accumulate dust behind closed doors since no one ever bothers going into it.

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  13. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    Wow. Absolutely gorgeous. I would love to spend time in a room like this.
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  14. There was a time in the past when my paternal grandmother had that room along with a couple of others furnished specifically for tea times and grand dinner invitations.

    Unfortunately the number of people attending these events gradually decreased over time due to health related problems. After some time there was no one left and eventually the hosts withered away themselves within that very room in the picture.

    We closed the doors to it and there is no more to say about it other than with what we associate it with, namely nothing more but; painful memories of the past.
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  15. I'll share mine...
    *note have made some updates/changes (as one does when living a growing vintage lifestyle) since I took these photos

    Attached Files:

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  16. VintageEveryday

    VintageEveryday One of the Regulars

    7fe12b2c-ded6-4900-a94e-3032f10b6f1c.jpg.png my grandparent's kitchen. we've been working on the house, cleaning it out, since both of them have now passed on. The kitchen was redone in 1972, and definitely looks it.
  17. That's a shame you don't love the room. It was a true "living room". Think of all the laughter, music and "animated discussions" that would have taken place in there.
  18. Benzadmiral

    Benzadmiral Call Me a Cab

    Your pic "F", with the sewing machine: My mother had one just like it, and she used it in the '60s.

    There's nothing vintage about my home, I'm afraid -- aside from my vintage GE toaster and my hats. It's just an apartment with elements of Santa Fe Style Lite (i.e., no cow skulls or Georgia O'Keeffe pictures). Oh, the item in my bedroom, which began life ca. 1960 as a library table, continued as our dining table/my model-building, studying, and writing table, and now serves as my desk.
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  19. ShadyLady

    ShadyLady New in Town

    You all have such beautiful homes! My last place was an old (~100 years) rented house. I loved it; unfortunately it was infested with spirits. (Go ahead and laugh, I dare ya!) I've got a few pictures with weird smoky stuff and orbs. I don't like to look at them, but I'll post them if anyone's interested. Just don't ask me about the locked room in the basement. 'Cause I'll tell you.
  20. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    The front room:



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