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Show us your radios!

Discussion in 'Radio' started by The Reno Kid, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. The Reno Kid

    The Reno Kid A-List Customer

    I noticed a thread started by Wild Root on this topic but then I saw that it was a couple of years old. So in honor of the new forum, let's see your old stuff. Here's my personal favorite:
    1936 Fairbanks-Morse

    It sounds great and it's more sensitive than my modern Sony shortwave set.
  2. My 1940 Zenith console.

  3. DancingSweetie

    DancingSweetie A-List Customer

    that is beautiful!
  4. [​IMG]

    My Philco 37-10, built in the fall of 1936. Bought in 1984 for $5 (with free delivery!). The Fisher FM tuner on top, connected thru a phono jack on the back, was found in a yard sale around the same time. They make an excellent combination!
  5. The Wingnut

    The Wingnut One Too Many

    On 'permanent loan' from Lounger SGB. Pulled from a barn in Morgan Hill, CA...I suspect if I croak he'll show up on my doorstep the next day looking to collect. ;)

  6. SGB

    SGB One of the Regulars


  7. I would too if it were me. :D


  8. Sweet Leilani

    Sweet Leilani A-List Customer

    1946 RCA console (the dial folds out):

    1937 Zenith black dial chairside:

    1946 RCA tabletop (with a transistor radio in box on top):

    c.1930's Detrola woodie (this is an oddball- I don't know much about it- sorry the picture is so dark!):

    1946 GE tabletop (I play this one almost every day):

    1958 Zenith clock radio (another daily listener):

    Not a radio, but close- a 1950 Motorola TV:
  9. Wow! That's a really rare radio! You should be proud of that set! What a swell late 30's design!

    Here's one I restored my self... the radio was working but, the cabinet was beat and needed to be re-done. It's a 1934 Philco model 84.


    Also, here's one some of you have seen... it's my Philco '38-12

    I'll post my favorite radio later tonight... it's a 1936 Coronado 686.

  10. I know that some of you folks collect vintage radios, so let's see 'em!

    I'll start with my entry to antique radios - My re-restored great-grandmother's Philco 38-93:


    I just finished replacing the capacitors and giving it a few extra touches and it works beautifully! (Except for a loud whine on the volume control, but I'm working on it)

    (I did see an older thread on the subject herein, but since the pictures were gone, I'd thought to start a new one)
  11. My Zenith

    This is my 10 tube 1941 Zenith 10S567. It's in the shop now being recapped, rewired etc. (If you have a new old radio, be sure to have it tested by someone with the correct equipment, otherwise it can go up in smoke. That's what I did to my Philco. I had to learn the hard way!) When it's ready, I'll be able to listen to all my favorite OTR songs and shows, using my nifty little short range AM transmitter, the AMT3000 made by SSTran (Google them.) Highly recommended.

  12. Whew! And for a minute (a few days actually) I thought I was thread poison!|

    (And you might want to change the link, I'm getting a nasty "403 Forbidden".)
  13. Not my photo, but a photo of it just the same:

  14. [​IMG]

    1932 American Bosch


    Early 50s Magnavox radio/phonograph.
  15. Vintage Audio Gear

    Beautiful pictures of vintage radios in this thread! I hope this posting isn't off-topic, as the gear in the pictures below is only between 10 and 50 years old, dating to the 50's-80's. The second picture shows a JBL 15" vented base bin (2225), and a massive horn tweeter (2441/2350) was rescued from a dumpster outside the Museum of Natural History, and weighs about fifty pounds! The other speakers are AR-2ax and JBL L-88's and out of the picture is a JBL C36 folded horn that once belonged to Avery Fisher. When the Teac reel to reel, dBx expander, Yamaha DSP-1 and three Hitachi MOSFET amps are fired up. it makes a merry din indeed -- regardless of its age.


  16. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    that looks really nice, now tell us about those hats you've got up there.

    I've got this, an old olive drab halli, and an early '50s brown bakelite zenith k515 clock radio.
  17. and the Barnum and Bailey program. :D
  18. Sweet Leilani

    Sweet Leilani A-List Customer

    Here are most of mine:

    1937 Zenith chairside

    1946 GE

    1946 RCA

    1958 Zenith clock radio

    1946 RCA radio/phono

    I'll try to take pictures of the rest ASAP, including our latest project, a 1959 Motorola console R/P.
  19. G_I_JIVE

    G_I_JIVE New in Town

    Here is my 42 Philco..with FM believe it or not..

  20. G_I_JIVE

    G_I_JIVE New in Town

    And a couple more awaiting a little work and a bigger house..... mid 30's Philco (left), and a 39 Wards Airline.


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