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Show us your suits

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Matt Deckard, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. In order to drum up some business in this section, I decided to show off some wool... show off some of yours too.

    Below is one of my blue suits. A chalk stripe three piece.
    I will post me wearing it later.

    This picture is kind of dark.

  2. originall posted by BOGIE 1943

    These suits are suits that Bogie1943 posted on the old lounge.

  3. MN Jones Suit pics

    These are pics that Minnesota Jones Posted on the old lounge.

    Here's two for ya.... (I apologize for the size of the first pic and for my sweaty appearance - it was hot!)



    My favorite shot of me and Sergei....

  4. originally posted by MK

  5. Originally posted by INDY MAGNOLI

    Were we talking quality or quantity?


    :eek But seriously... I'll post a pic or two the next time I'm wearing one of these. Today I'm wearing a tweed coat (almost dead center in the picture) and bow-tie, so I think that breaks one of Deckard's rules...

    Kind regards,
  6. Here I am in the suit pictured on top, navy blue flanel chalk stripe.

    This is before the Avalon Ball in Avalon California.
    I will post more pictures of the event in the events section later


  7. Olive brown suit from 1998.

  8. The_Edge

    The_Edge One of the Regulars

    Matt Deckard,

    That photo of you sitting on the couch is really cool. It looks like a still from "The Godfather." Even the decor gives it a rich period look.

    I just bought a new suit this weekend, my first. It's not vintage but it's the best I could do. It is out for alterations but I'll have it in a week or so.
  9. Clothe and the man

    I doesn't need to be vintage to look good. It is all in the cut and the fit.
    The one advantage vintage suits have is that they were made to be worn daily and not just for the once in a while special occasions. It was not a "suit", back before the 60's a suit was just plain clothes and people wore it as such.

    I hope this suit it is the first of many.
    Show us a picture when you get it back.
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  10. This coming weeking is mine and Kathy's 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Two years ago, we got married on the Como-Harriet streetcar in Mpls. I have some pics of that event on my website. This year we'll hit the streetcar (not literally, that would hurt) again. I'll be in my blue suit with grey lid again and Kathy's gonna be in her vintage dress. We'll try for a lot of pics on the streetcar, I'll even bring the ol' Life Magazine for some shots. Afterwards that nite for dinner we'll hit Buca (awesome Italian food) and we'll change out to Indy Tux and Marion Dress for that. I just better not spill any food on that ivory jacket! Pictures will be coming, I promise!
  11. Can't wait to see the photos. Have fun.

    Are you going to wear the boots with the suit again? Just curious.
  12. Maybe..... ;)

    And I cleaned up the three pictures above for size, so they're not so monstrous anymore...
  13. I have the new title of the worst photographer in existence. Both are made to order from Samuelsohn. K

    Brown suit. Side vents, surgeons cuffs, three button rolled to two, single brested, peak lapels, hacking pockets with ticket pocket, two flap pockets on pants(where'd I get that habit?).


    Tuxedo. Super 120 with grosgrain lapels, side vents, surgeons cuffs, fancy lining, six on four button stance.


    Accessories, Cole Haan formal shoes with grosgrain trim(no bows). Budd Shirtmakers(London section of Style and the Man for those who have it)pique collar, cuffs, and bib with voile body. Giorgio Armani pique tie. Ahh to have no children's expenses again.

  14. Oh Yeah!
    Now that's what I'm talkin' about.
    more words to follow
  15. Pyroxene

    Pyroxene One of the Regulars

    Does anyone have a suit where the buttons on the sleeve can acually be undone? Aparently, that's a "sign" of a really good suit.

    I am looking forward to my next visit to the tailor. I am going to see if he can do this.

  16. Both of mine above have that feature. That's what the term surgeon cuff means. It's from when doctor's unbuttoned and rolled up their sleeves during housecalls. If you look closely at the above pics, you can just make out the last button-hole on the sleeves.

    Pic in action. You can tell more detail about the shoes. They're patent split toe oxfords with the toe top in grosgrain and also around a one inch grosgrain band around the ankle. K

  17. The two suits I am wearing have working buttons on the sleeves
  18. Kittlemeier

    Looks like you have some well fitted threads there buddy.

    Nice to see a single breasted with peaked lapels made in modern times (ain't made to measure grand).

    with the tux...did you tie the bow tie yourself?
  19. Is there any other way?;) K
  20. Sebas White suit

    Sebas white suit.


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