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Show us your vintage home!

Discussion in 'Your Vintage Home' started by LolitaHaze, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. sheeplady

    sheeplady I'll Lock Up Bartender

    The realtor had 1890 on our house. that's how far back our abstract went, but when we looked into the deeds we found the property was bought in 1851. The censuses show a remarkable increase in property value (same acres) by 1855. (Don't quote me on those exact dates.) We later found out the couple sold their previous house in 1853, so they must have moved into ours then.
  2. It's fun, like repeatedly hitting your head against a brick wall! All the deeds before 1900 were lost in a fire. I then got real excited when I found out there was a 1890 census, but you guessed it, when I went to look at it, the web sight said, lost in a warehouse fire. Can I get any more unlucky?
  3. sheeplady

    sheeplady I'll Lock Up Bartender

    At least the house didn't burn down.

    My parents were never able to date their house. They orginally thought 1820, but found a will and did some genealogy that suggested the couple that built it (likely around their marriage) had much older children (3 more) than originally thought. All the local records were lost in a fire, as well.
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  4. Been sweating bullets since early Monday morning! We have had very high winds, gusting to over 100mph. Needless to say, a lot of power lines down, and as I have witnessed, a lot of trees uprooted, or major branches down all over town! The reason for concern is, I have a mostly dead tree on the side of the house, with branches over mine and the neighbors house. We have been trying to at least get all the offending branches down for several months now. This last time was my fault when I caught the flue a couple of weeks back. We are going to shoot for this weekend, but there is snow in the forecast. Don't need this stress!
  5. This is a really sad photo of my house taken in 1992. It was from the sales flyer from the owner before the last. If you look at the upstairs windows, they are 16 over 1 double hung windows. And as if that is not unusual enough, the lower pains on all the windows was stained glass! All gone now, she didn't even save the stained glass. She really butchered up the house, new windows, took out the original fireplace, turned the butlers pantry into a stair way to the basement, got rid of the grand staircase, took out several doors and a lot of molding, put in ugly kitchen cabinets and counter tops and much more! [​IMG]
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  6. Your story pains me. This stuff is irreplaceable / it's history - it kills me when it is wantonly destroyed.
  7. Well bad news today, my boiler refused to stay lit. I had the same company that got it working two years ago to come out. He did get it running, but said it will not last! Besides the burner needing replace, and the safety flame shutoff, there is also a lot of rust showing up on the boiler. If that's not bad enough, he could not get the safety valve to open, that could be fun if it over heats! So, time to replace it, it's only about a 50% affiance, if even that high. On the bright side, my water heater is on it's last leg, and the new boilers will heat the house and do domestic water in one. So I guise I am lucky the water heater didn't go first, since I would have replaced that, and then had to buy a boiler!

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