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Show us your vintage knitting and crochet!

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Miss Sis, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. I FINALLY managed to finish my knitted Riding Shirt from the August 1935 Stitchcraft that I started at the end of this August. Really, I suppose I have done quite well to finish it in this time frame. It has been fiddly with lots of sewing up, although it looks quite plain. It is knitted in modern 4 ply but the original used 2 ply 'Scotch Fingering'. I didn't even need to change the needle size for the tension.


    Their description:
    "This shirt combines a perfectly tailored apperance with the unrestricted comfort that is only to be had from the 'give' of knitted things. The back inverted pleat is set into a ribbed yoke; the sleeves finish in linked cuffs; in front there is a buttoned placket, and the collar, shaped to take a tie, fastens with a stud.
    If you will be wearing this shirt under a coat, or for golf, you may prefer short sleeves; instructions for these are therefore included"

    I tried to crop the picture above but it was pixelating like mad, so I left it with some of the instructions visable.

    Here's my version with short sleeves. I wanted to make long sleeves but didn't have enough yarn as I bought it years ago:

    With tie - as recommended in the pattern
    Detail of the collar closed with a stud

    I made this to wear with my vintage riding gear (no, I'm not a rider!), so when I have a picture of the full get-up, I'll have to post it.
  2. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    That is so cool!
    Man I WISH I could knit! :eek:

  3. Miss Sis, you did an incredible job!

    What does it mean that it's modern 4 ply in stead of 2 ply "Scotch Fingering" - is it the yarn type?
  4. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    WOW! That is just brilliant! I love back vents on 30s clothes :D
  5. Lorena B

    Lorena B Practically Family

    iss Sis, that,s a lovely jacket, so well made, i love it!!
  6. Thanks ladies! It's been a bit of a beast in ways. As I said, very fiddly with all the sewing this and that, placket, picking up the collar, knitting a LINING for the collar. It was like I was never going to finish it. There was no picture of the front so it was a mystery till I knit it what it was going to come out like.

    Laura, yes, 4 ply is a certain thickness of yarn, but modern 4 ply is thinner than the stuff used then. Confusing, I know. English patterns often mention Scotch fingering wool. I don't think it was a certain brand, just a particular thickness. I already had the yarn and I tested for tension on the needle sizes in the pattern. Came out perfect so I didn't even have to change that.

    Yes, knitting takes ALOT longer than sewing. It's not for the faint hearted! lol
  7. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    I love that sweater! Back pleats = SO INCREDIBLY 30s!! I'm currently making a 30s blouse with a back pleat. They are lovely. This sweater would look so great with a trumpet skirt, some cute white sockies and white "old lady" oxfords.
  8. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Here's the first sweater I knitted that wasn't a failure. Was a beginning pattern from "The Learn How Book" from 1941. Just finished it tonight, after a battle with how to set in the sleeves :eusa_doh: Hopefully my next one will look better.

    And a jumper I made last month and forgot to take pics of. I'm not that happy with it, but oh well. It's not really crooked... I just put it on the form funny, I think. :eek:
  9. La Julia

    La Julia One of the Regulars


    I really like your sweater, It came out great
  10. newtovintage

    newtovintage One of the Regulars

    Lauren, I love both the sweater and the jumper. What pattern did you use the jumper?
  11. Well done on the sweater, Lauren. The first garment you make is always the hardest! Like sewing, it's learn as you go. Looks like your yarn was quite thick so hopefully it was quick too.

    Amy, that is a great blouse pattern. Gonna have to get it. Also the Past patterns skirt pattern you posted in the patterns thread, I have been drooling over. It will look good with my jumper (sweater for you Americans!) Sigh! All these lovely things to make but where's the time????

    Who is home sick, AGAIN, and therefore unproductive to doing anything!
  12. Sunny

    Sunny One Too Many

    I am so incredibly jealous of this it's not even funny! I LOVE the back pleat!
  13. I cannot believe anyone can even knit anything that great. Miss Sis and Lauren are both so talented.

    The pink polka dot is cute also. I am a polkadotholic.
  14. LelaViavonie

    LelaViavonie Practically Family

    Miss Siss!! Oh MY!! I WISH I could do this!! The sweater is soo beautiful!
  15. Should anyone wish to have the pattern, send me a PM and I can scan it.

    Casting on and setting that d*** pleat in was the hardest bit. I nearly gave up and knit the back plain!
  16. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    I was wondering how you did it! It looks really hard to set.

    Thanks, gals, for the comments on my sweater and jumper. Hopefully the next sweater I make won't look as homemade :eek: I started one this week but I only have 5 inches of the back done so far. lol I'll be surprised if it gets done, but I've got lots more train rides in front of me so hopefully it will happen. If I wasn't stuck there for so long every day I'm sure I'd never knit a stitch lol
  17. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    We have one for sewing and one for crafting, so how about those needlecrafts?
    What projects are you ladies working on?
  18. exquisitebones

    exquisitebones A-List Customer

    i am working one new knitting projects, I have a GREAT pattern for a knitted diaper cover form the 40s I am going to attempt for my littlest one.
    I will post pics soon.

    Does anyone have a crochet pattern fora snood? I really want to try my hand at one.
  19. Elizabeth.F

    Elizabeth.F Familiar Face

    I'm currently knitting a sweater from 1914 (not golden era I know) and yesterday I finished a pair of golf stockings from 1915 (still not golden era!) But my next project will be the Three Hour Sweater from the 1930s:
    I think I remember somewhere in the Fedora Lounge a knit-a-long for it...
  20. exquisitebones

    exquisitebones A-List Customer

    also, I got some great magazines with tons of patterns for crochet clutch handbags, I can post pics if there is interest. and I can PM the patterns :)

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