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Show us your Vintage Rucksacks!

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by JeffOYB, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. I'm really enjoying gleaning the military surplus websites for classy old rucksacks and shoulderbags.

    I've also recently picked up some vintage knickers for XC skiing and other outdoor activities. They're so neat I'm tempted to wear them on the street but I'm slightly hesitant... :)

    Anyway, I find the midsize to small rucksacks to be most appealing (no frame). The bigger ones just mean work. I mostly use my stuff on the street or for mixed use anyway. I rarely use gear strictly for remote woodsy outings. My packs and bags are often in the car, then in stores or being carried on the street, then they also go into canoes, on bike rides, up north and into the boonies. I need classy versatility. The Golden Era offers this like no other!

    For instance, how classy is a typical nylon bookbag: NOT! But check this out: http://www.galaxyarmynavy.com/item-fo-92-56.asp.

    Canvas and leather: that's what you want! : )

    Then there's the "man purse" situation. I need a daily carry bag but it has to be classy. I found a source for leather/canvas mil-sup bags and now I repurpose them and resell them myself, specially modified for bikers.

    EDIT BY ZEMKE FAN: Link deleted. JeffOYB, If you want to sell you wares, you may advertise here and/or Classic Style and post links in the MERCHANTS forum.

    I do also offer a large vintage rucksack and what I call a "lunchbox"---a fancy vintage canvas and leather in a nice rectangular shape.

    Then there are pack-baskets: truly Golden Era for outdoor action, or even indoor decor. You pay $150 for Adirondack style pack-baskets made for fancy cabin folk, but trappers still use them and a dandy 18" utility grade basket is available for $35 from http://www.snareshop.com/cgi-bin/snareshop/catalog.html?cat=Trapping Supplies.

    Anyway, I'm always on the lookout for things like this. If anyone has links to other places that sell this kind of thing, I'd appreciate seeing them. Sm/med vintage rucksacks and shoulderbags are what I'm after these days. Affordable is best but I'm always happy to look.

    Enjoy! --JP
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    Duluth Pack

    Duluth Pack has some really nice packs made of canvas and leather. They have several shell bags that could be considered "man purses."

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  6. For a cheap, surplus Rucksack, I prefer the Swedish one that's available at just about every surplus store- it has an external frame and is very light. Canvas, with leather straps.
    Very "pretty" in the vintage ?¶sthetic and very useable.
    bvailable for peanuts at your local Surplus store.

    I'm into vintage Rucksacks(they go nicely with my vintage Anoraks)- I have around 12 from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France- mostly 1940s German military.

    That Swedish handlebar bag is a gas mask satchel.

    Happy trailblazing-

  7. For tried and true, you could always go for a vintage Boy Scout rucksack. They're like the ones shown in the opening scenes of the third Raiders film (Last Crusade). A search on the bay usually yields quite a few decent ones...try searching boy scout pack, haversack, yucca pack, etc.
  8. Or Frost River. Very similar to Duluth Pack, though their prices will also make you cringe.

    I've been eyeing their Nessmuk pack for some time now.


    They've got some nice basket packs, too.

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    This one from Frost River looks pretty neat. Inexpensive too!

  10. I've been considering one of these Austrian rucks:


    BT, you probably have one of them in your collection. What do you think of them? I'm trying to avoid that problem of a half filled pack constantly sliding and shifting as I negotiate hills, but still have that vintage look.
  11. Hi BellyTank... Do you have any Swedish rucksacks without a frame? I find that I prefer the frameless packs---they suit my casual use better. They tend to be a little smaller, too---again, good for my casual use. (I do have a nice big Swiss model with a frame. And I have a smaller Swiss with an exterior A-frame. But I haven't used them much yet. They seem like they'd be great for *real* loads. Less good for tossing in and out of cars or for cafe life. : ) )

    I found one medium frameless Swedish pack online that seems ALMOST like what I'm after, but offhand it looks a little crude/simplistic: http://www.galaxyarmynavy.com/item-fo-92-10.asp

    I recall seeing one that I *thought* looked a little nicer, but I haven't been able to track it down. Do you have pics of your packs? That would be neat to see!

    I thought that the Swedish one I saw had the same material, styling as the Swedish gas mask bag that I also have. (The attachment mode might also be the same---I just LOVE the strap'n'post attachments on the gas mask bag! It's the BEST method I've seen!)

    I just bought one of the medium frameless Swiss rucksacks---and it has the weirdest harness set-up. I'm wondering how it is supposed to work. I took a photo, showing the harness: http://outyourbackdoor.com/articles2007/swiss.rucksack.jpg

    Here are my questions: OK, each shoulder-strap has an extra clip dangling from the center of it. There are 2 d-rings, one above and one below the clip. What is this all for? (I'm guessing for carrying a rifle?) There's also a strap with a clip hanging from the center of the harness. What's it for? There's a super-strong 2" ring mounted in the center of the pack. ?? There is an extra, regular-style buckle at the bottom of each shoulder-strap, sewn pointing upward. ?? Thanks for any help!


    And, hey, Baggers: I resemble that remark about the gaudy patch! :)
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  13. JeffOYB Re: Weird Rucksack...

    This is the same system as German rucksacks from the First War onward-
    they're for use with a leather waist/equipment belt- the back strap hanging down from the "O" secures to the back of the waistbelt- the front straps, as you can see connect to the bottom of the rucksack- the remaining down-strap connects to the belt. The top connection, at the apex of the shoulder strap is to locate and secure the rucksack at the top- sometimes they're adjustable, like on a modern rucksack, to lift the pack up on your back. Any leather tabs sewn onto the canvas, are for attaching accessory/equipment straps, or equipment- straps for blanket, coat, bed roll, shelter quarter, etc.

    Maybe there are some connections missing... it seems a little strange at the waistbelt ends.
    Have a look at some German rucksack images.

    I'm away, in London at present but when I get back home on Tues, I'll investigate. The post war rucksacks are a little different to the war time ones- but some of the wartime and postwar examples have dedicated rucksack shoulder straps, rather than/without belt connection and underarm extensions. Like normal, one piece straps. I'll put some pics up of my small collection when I can. I'd like to remake some of the older styles- I'm a true canvas and leather rucksack geek/technical materials-phobe.

  14. I'll put some pics up when I get home, I'm in London for a long FL weekend.

    Mojave- I think these rucksacks are worth wearing and worth a light inconvenience but that's me. You could easily modify it if there's a load shifting problem- iof the example has the shoulder-to-belt strap and the underarm to rucksack articulated connection, you could probably exchange(or add) the hardware from either end (or something)and have a six point connection with the rucksack- two top, two bottom of sack and two in between top and bottom.

    If you like a bit of craft work.

    Something for me to figure out...
  15. MY boyfriend told me about his time as a scout and that he had a specific backpack. Those were called Fell Affe (Fur Ape in English) so I got him one for our anniversary.

    Those where used for military purpose for hundreds of years. It turned out the one I bought him on ebay was from 1935 and made in Switzerland. Not too long ago we attended a fleamarket and a specialist for those stopped my boyfriend to ask all about it. It turned out the backpack I got him has a worth of several hundred bucks among collectors. Anyway: Here are pics of on similar to the one my sweety wears every day...

  16. Doug C

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    Wow, now that's a pack!! As cool as it is though, I'm not sure if I could wear it - bet it gets lots of comments.

    Doug C
  17. Talk about the monkey on your back!lol

    ...sorry, just couldn't resist.
  18. Show us your Vintage Rucksacks! (Merged Threads)

    Hello- yes I am Mental!
    Here is a selection from the BT museum of silly collections of semi-useless things.
    Most are smaller- day-pack size, which is perfectly good for a vintage prop style rucksack.

    This assemblage ranges from '30s to '60s but all have something classically vintage about them-

    Highlights- A '40s Luftwaffe rucksack-

    1950s Czech- but very close in style and colour to some DAK rucksacks-
    These are widely available(I have several) but this one HAD to be bought, due to the colouring and type of canvas, which is far superior to others I have and have seen. Uses a seperate shoulder strap assembly, as do most of the older German and European ones- the type of strap system to be used with a matching waistbelt.

    MOJAVEJACK! This one is actually modern made in a vintage style- the leather patches at the bottom corners of the sack- where the straps are connected is actually vinyl, rather than leather, as is the binding around the flaps/pockets. Like it?

    1930s HJ/BDM/German Boy Scout rucksack- small but perfectly formed...

    This example is a Bergen style- the Norwegian style with a light steel wire frame, comfortable leather straps lined with thick felt and it has expandable/closeable, lacing side panels. A great functional, larger rucksack.

    The back of the Bergen.

    That's it for now-


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    By the number of rucksack threads posted tonight, I think it's safe to say Bellytank really likes rucksacks!

    I have no rucksacks to contribute.


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