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Show us your Vintage Rucksacks!

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by JeffOYB, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain One Too Many

    That rucksack from GJ Nord looks to be an original WWII German alpine infantry rucksack.
  2. Yes it is! A very nice looking one. Good rucksacks.

    Bergheil und Horrido!

  3. greatestescaper

    greatestescaper One of the Regulars

    Great looking gear here. After getting home from a trip this weekend, while unpacking, I got to wondering about rucksack storage. Do y'all just leave 'em in a closet? Do you display them? I had the idea of fixing a bracket or pegs or something to hang them on the wall in the front hall, on display and always at the ready. That's mostly because right now while our little one sleeps in the same room as my wife and I our camping gear is mostly piled in his soon-to-be-bedroom and I can't figure another place in the house and the outside storage has proved difficult to protect against mice (I need a pellet gun but that's a whole other thread I reckon). Well that, and there's an empty corner in the hall that needs filling, but up until now I couldn't think of a good use of the space. Anyhow, if anyone has come up with some good display ideas, I would be keen to see them. Oh, and I'll be sure and add a photo or two of my rucksack as well.
  4. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain One Too Many

    I've actually acquired not one, but two, old rucksacks in the last month. I think I have about a dozen of all shapes and sizes. I use them all, too, although there's only one I'd want to use on an overnight cool-weather trip. I surprising number actually fit in one large box. The rest are tastefully piled on the basement floor where I load and unload them when they're being used. I made an effort to use them all in rotation, although most are larger than needed for most outings.

    There are places in the house where mice will chew on things. Probably a large plastic storage bin would be a good idea. But tents and sleeping bags actually need more careful storage.

    We have two children who have both left home but we don't have an empty nest by any means. I tell her that when we move, we should find a place with a barn.
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  5. greatestescaper

    greatestescaper One of the Regulars

    For in the house we have a cat who is a fantastic mouser, but out of an effort at conservation only the dog is outside, and even that with some supervision. And recently I started carrying my Indiana Jones satchel for water, gloves, flashlight, and a small first aid kit when we're out and about so it's been hanging on my hat rack which sort of inspired the idea of displaying the rest or at least a portion of my gear. Especially the grab and go sort of things, rucksack, rope, and the like.

    Here a some photos I snapped this morning after sunrise of my pack:


  6. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain One Too Many

    I have two of those rucksacks and one of them is made of nylon, the other canvas, just like that one.

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