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Show us your Vintage Rucksacks!

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by JeffOYB, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. tempesh

    tempesh New in Town

    my vintage swiss army backpack - salt and pepper pattern

    here is one image of one of my backpacks. A Swiss army backpack with the salt and pepper pattern from 1963.
    For the daily use I think this one is just perfect and the craftsmanship of this bag is just outstanding. Check my blog for
    more images and detail shots and also the comparison with the heavier version of this rucksack.


    The links are here:
    The heavier Salt and Pepper - Swiss army backpack
    The comparison between the lighter and the heavier Swiss Army backpack, 1963 and 1973 both salt and pepper pattern.
    and if you happen to have the lighter one and have not figured out to how to close it, my latest post about
    to close it - my way.
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  2. Dagnabbit! Wished I could post pics. Just scored a really nice Trager mfg "Trapper Nelson" packboard and pack!! I'm bustin' at the seems to head back to the mountains!!!

  3. Mine is a Swedish 1942 pack, cost a pittance and is fantastic, leather creaks when you walk !!

    Also got this retro style canvass pack, made in India I think, this is modern but I remember my Pa having something similar when he was demobbed from the British army in the late 50's.
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  4. DavidJones

    DavidJones One of the Regulars

    Any ideal where I can acquire one of these packs made in Indian? They look like a copy from old P-37 gear.
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  5. GJ nord

    GJ nord Familiar Face

    first post...here's my recently acquired rucksack.....
  6. Very nice GJ! Welcome to our campfire!

    And since I too, have figured out how to post pics, here's my old "Trapper Nelson" hanging on my closet door!

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  7. Here's my proper oldy. Although the orange nylon, framed sac that took me through Scotland & Germany in my early teens probably qualifies as "vintage" for many of you!

    British Commando Bergan.

  8. Found this old bent wood pack frame about a year or so ago. Fitted an old school Boy Scout yucca pack to it. Fabricated three back support straps this morning of leather. Re-rigged with new hitching lines. Prolly fit some felt pads on the shoulder straps.


  9. I've been using this pack for about the last year.

    Pretty stock from the front. It is a Czech rucksack, if memory serves. They've been all over the web for some time, and just kept getting cheaper.

    I got three of the packs for about $25 from a random surplus site, and started cannibalizing two of the others for parts. I figured for the price at worst I had a few gear bags to toss into the back of the Monty. Here are the straps it came with:

    I combined multiple pieces of the straps into shoulders straps that attached at the rings at the top of the pack, and used the rings from the strap assembly to create attachment points at the bottom. I used other cannibalized strap bits to make a waist belt. I used a fastex buckle, since I couldn't find a vintage buckle that would work quickly and easily. I may replace that if I find a better buckle, but at the time I wanted it done and didn't feel like trolling the web for a buckle!

    On the inside, I scavenged a piece of closed cell foam from an isotherm mat I had since my Marine Corps days, and was currently only being used for a sit up mat. It is pretty stiff foam, so it makes an excellent back pad to keep sharps things from poking in my back and to give the pack some rigidity when empty. That makes it much easier to load and unload, as well as find things inside!

    The pad inside the pack, secured with some canvas stitched around the outside:

    The rest of the isotherm mat was cut up and now lines a .50 cal box for my air pump in the Montero. Like a deer carcass, nothing goes to waste!
  10. Nikita4ever9000

    Nikita4ever9000 New in Town

    In this Movie clip from the Movie "Foxfire" with Angelina Jolie is that a "Swiss Rucksack"
    at 5:54 into the video? And if so is it a "Swiss OD Engineer Rucksack"? If not what is
    it and where can I find one like it?

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  11. My French 'Sac Lafuma' rucksack (c.1940-50's) out on a little ski tour through the woods in Northern Virginia last winter.

    _MG_0099 by bergfuhrerkiser, on Flickr
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  12. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    Mid 1930s
  13. fireman

    fireman Familiar Face

    Great thread.....love the old rucks.
  14. I saw this young chap with one on his back as he left the school the other day, he was about 11 and I thought good for you for being stylish and not following the crowd. All his contemparies all had either a modern nylon rucksack or a retro Adidas,Dunlop,Gola sports bag.

    Funny I had a black Adidas sports bag first year at senior school then I changed to a RAF blue canvas and leather from the rucksack with a single pocket, it lasted years and died in my late 20's after much abuse and it was more an off white than blue in the end.

    Some very nice rucksacks here, for daily use I still use a canvas and leather sack but it is a modern copy made by Barbour, although it is now 12/3 years old.

    I have seen the Swiss sacks made into cycle panniers and that's the one for me.
  15. L'Onset

    L'Onset Familiar Face

    Vintage rucksacks can make a good pillow for an exhausted 9 year old boy after a long day visiting castles and old churches...:)

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  16. Harrifer

    Harrifer New in Town

    A Norwegian Army 'bergen' made by Bergans of Norway.

    I dyed the white leather black, and used Barbour wax to weatherproof the canvas. I saw Nepal and Dartmoor with this bag!

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  17. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Hey guys, I just got my Willis and Geiger rucksack in! It's a little used, but it's otherwise fantastic. The distribution of weight of the bag is far superior to my old pack.
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  18. jswindle2

    jswindle2 One of the Regulars

    I just landed a very clean Swedish M39 on OFAS. The problem is that it lacks the frame. If anyone has one they want to get rid of or knows of a place I can get one, please let me know. Either by message reply or private. It is the cleanest ruck I've seen for quite some time. Posting pics on arrival.
  19. IWO JIMA 1945.jpg 2017-03-21_225700.jpg

    US Marine Corps M1941 pack system. This was issued starting in mid-1942 to replace the overly complicated and inefficient M1928 Haversack.
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