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Show us your vintage-vintage inspired Engagement Ring!

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by o0olibelulao0o, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. (If there is a post about this already I'm sorry, I searched and couldn't find anything... Feel free to merge if thats the case)

    I'm sure everyone here has a vintage or vintage-inspired engagement ring (or even just a pretty ring that looks like and engagement ring) Post yours! I love the look of them... Also if your married post your wedding band or set too!

    Here's my engagement ring: Vintage Inspired :)


    the side view...

    I might have the center stone set a little deeper, it gets caught on things all the time... otherwise I LOVE it! :D

    Your Turn!
  2. Cleery

    Cleery New in Town

    Your ring is lovely! Here's my engagement ring. It's a 1920s garnet.



    We had a wedding band made to match. I'll see if I can find a good close up of it.

    Fun thread!
  3. Cleery

    Cleery New in Town

    And an picture on my hand (several years old) with our dog Zoe:

  4. MissAmelina

    MissAmelina A-List Customer

    When my honey started ring shopping, my only advice was "something old or art deco or edwardian looking" and he came up with this:


    Not bad, i said, not bad at all. :)

    I don't have any photos of my actual ring that show the detail involved...this one is super close, same design, but instead of two baguettes on each side, it just has one with two tiny round diamonds on either side of it. It's also hard to tell the scale. If you look at the top of the ring it looks exactly like: o-O:eek:O-o

  5. Emer

    Emer One of the Regulars

    Good thread!

    My setting is from the 1930's and the diamond is my grandmother's. We just finally found a band to go with it!

  6. all of your rings are GORGEOUS! and so different... thats one thing I love about vintage or vintage inspired rings... :)

    Emer: I LOVE that your diamond is your grandmothers! I wish my family had something like that to pass on...

    Cleery: The ruby is so different! What a lovely choice!
  7. cailinbeag

    cailinbeag Familiar Face

    All of these rings are truly beautiful. :) It's wonderful to see such variety, too.

    Mine's from the '30s. I don't know much about it, although I think that the two small circles on either side of the diamond used to house stones but were later filled. I would like to have them cleared and set with smaller diamonds or sapphires sometime.

    We found a wedding band that compliments it very nicely, though I don't have a pic. It's a row of seven small diamonds set in white gold, and has the slight taper toward the band that mimics the same in the engagement ring. I believe it's early '40s.

    He did good. :D

  8. deco_darling

    deco_darling One of the Regulars

    Thats Beautiful! Trying to find me something of the same, either 1930s, Art Deco or Edwardian as well. So hard to find a true vintage ring in your size. Still on the haunt for the perfect one! Everyone's rings are so pretty!
  9. Those rings are gorgeous! I'm having trouble finding a wedding band that will compliment my ring... There is one it looks the same as the inlaid diamonds on my ring, and it curves alittle so it sits nicely... But I dont know, some days I like it and other days I don't... And I would get a second one to go over the top for our one year anniversary... But I feel like thats almost TOO sparkly... [huh] Any suggestions?
  10. MissAmelina

    MissAmelina A-List Customer

    We finally had to get in touch with the jeweler my hubby used originally to buy the vintage inspired engagement ring....and this was after much searching for "the perfect band" ourselves. And low and behold, he had a matching band, perfectly complementing, but covered with diamonds.

    I know what you mean about looking too sparkly. Sometimes I wish I had a plain platinum band to wear by itself when doing day-to-day things. I'm always getting the diamonds stuck on sweaters, pants pockets, and cookie dough :) and it makes sense to have something more practical.

    And (contrary to popular belief) I don't like drawing too much attention to myself when I am out and about. HOWEVER, there are days when the sunlight or (even better) *candlelight* hits those sparklies and I feel like a freakin' princess. And that's nice.:p

    (After looking at a pic of your ring again, I think that a matching curved band with little diamonds on it would look really spectacular. Don't be afraid to sparkle!)
  11. texasgirl

    texasgirl One Too Many

    I can't find a good picture of mine. But I would make one suggestion. Make sure they are comfortable together and you like them together. Mine- I love both of them, separately. But when I wear them together they are not very comfortable. So I usually just wear the wedding band on the left and then sometimes the engagement ring on the right.
  12. DaisieWilde

    DaisieWilde Familiar Face

    Oh I am envious of you ladies!!!!

    Such beautiful rings! Fabulous ideas for when I meet that special guy...again...oh dear!

    For those of you have vintage rings that aren't family heirlooms, where did you find your beautiful rings?
  13. strangerous

    strangerous New in Town


    this was my grandmother's wedding band and engagement ring (1940s) which i inherited. it's gold and silver with diamonds and i love old jewelry because it's tiny! i have a ring finger size 4 1/2 and almost always have to resize jewelry or wear it on my index finger. this set was a perfect fit! i usually wear just one at a time (two is too much bling) and on my right hand... i'm not a married gal yet. :)

  14. I got mine at Helzberg. Lol not vintage... but they have alot of nice vintage inspired pieces, and they are all customizable... My fiance had mine customized :)

    STRANGEROUS: That is gorgeous! I normally don't like yellow gold, but the two tones are fabulous there!
  15. deco_darling

    deco_darling One of the Regulars

    This is my engagement ring, all original circa 1925 Art Deco Plat. Diamonds with sapphires. I am loving it everyday and its a real sparkler!!!!!


  16. LelaViavonie

    LelaViavonie Practically Family

    That is just beautiful!!!! Im droooling !
  17. shebagrl

    shebagrl Familiar Face

    I love this thread! Your rings are stunners, ladies!

    We're getting married this November, so I'm right in the thick of planning. It's been such fun so far! We splurged for an 8-piece swing band *squee*

    Here's a photo of mine. FI did a great job, if I do say so myself ;)

  18. La Julia

    La Julia One of the Regulars

    I love all the little details!
  19. Shirin

    Shirin A-List Customer

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