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Show us your vintage-vintage inspired Engagement Ring!

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by o0olibelulao0o, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. For those who've always craved a big Old European Cut diamond, there are OEC Moissanite stones now. No affiliation, but there are lots of beauties on the betterthandiamond board.

    Bracelet1.jpg Moissanite OEC tennis bracelet in rose gold
    OEC rings
    fc9adb57-84d1-417a-8f76-d5f5e75cedbe_zps2034a74d.jpg null_zps215bf5bb.jpg

    The new Moissanite is much whiter than the old stuff, and C&C is supposed to be phasing in some newer rough that is whiter yet. I've been wanting an OEC Moissanite ring but have been watching and waiting while they use up the old stock and turn out the new products that are supposed to be both whiter and a better-designed cut, for light performance.
    Moissanite cushion:
  2. These are mine. Only the center stones of the bottom left and bottom center ring (in the group picture) are diamond. The rest are Moissanite. All sidestones are diamond. The "wave" ring guard in the top row is a vintage piece. 19065.jpg 19926.jpg DSCF0134.jpg
  3. 945diamondsemoimount3.jpg 18784.jpg 20553.jpg newswirl.JPG

    The hexagon ring is a vintage-look 18k gold setting from Shenoa in NYC. The diamond in it is a .85ct OEC 6.3mm diameter, I color with medium blue fluorescence that makes it appear very white. I got the diamond at a pawn shop back in 1993, when nobody wanted older-cut diamonds. I bought the mounting in 2005.
    These other rings I bought one ebay in 2006-2008 when they were rather plentiful and far less expensive than now. The empty semimount is someday going to get a colored gemstone. The round swirl halo doesn't have the greatest center diamond but is still a nice ring. The "scrolly" ring is platinum. It is wearable but has some jackleg repairs (shank, one diamond on the right is installed in a socket, and the center diamond should be larger and set in a bezel) and someday I would like to have it restored.
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  4. And even the cubic zirconia stones are convincingly real, if you buy good ones. These are from freecz.com (no affiliation) The ring with the ruby sidestones is a vintage setting that I got on ebay.

    The rectangular stones are "Angel" cut, like a Krupps diamond with an open culet if you look closely. CZ are available in colorless as usual but also tints equivalent to a I or J/K color diamond, all the way down to yellows and pale yellows. You can get cuts like Asscher, too. Most people who buy sim rings are looking for "big," haha, but you can get any size center stone that's believable for your lifestyle.
    19004.jpg 446346-asscher.jpg wink_LY.JPG
    19005.jpg angel1.jpg
  5. magnolia76

    magnolia76 One of the Regulars

    My engagement ring. People always ask if it's vintage (it's not.) My husband picked it out without any help from me!
  6. pineapplefruitcake

    pineapplefruitcake One of the Regulars

    Hi, I inherited these rings from my Nanna when she passed away. The story goes that during WW2 she replaced all of her jewelry with costume jewelry as they had very little money so we don't actually know whether or not the stones are real - however, in her jewelry box there was also another version of the same ring that was clearly fake so we suspect that she kept her real wedding rings and had a fake made to wear everyday to be careful. Either way they're special to me and I can't wait to be able to wear them...


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  7. pineapplefruitcake

    pineapplefruitcake One of the Regulars

    oops - sorry - not sure why those pictures turned out so blurry - i'll try to get better ones
  8. Alice~

    Alice~ One of the Regulars

    Wow Pineapple, they're gorgeous!
  9. JennyLou

    JennyLou Practically Family

    537681_10152375737265002_2029592568_n.jpg my 1920s engagement ring from my fiancé who I first knew of through a post in the Fedora Lounge in 2009
  10. fgradowski

    fgradowski One of the Regulars

    Hi all. This is my first post on the forum. I am sharing my vintage inspired engagement ring from Shane Co!


  11. pineapplefruitcake

    pineapplefruitcake One of the Regulars

    fgradowski it's gorgeous! I love the architecture of the setting - stunning!

    I got some better pictures of mine since the others were removed - rhe (potential) sapphire came out very dark, which it is in real life anyway, but it's a bit difficult to photograph so apologies for that.




  12. [​IMG]

    That's the best shot I have of my engagement ring amongst some other jewelry. I haven't gotten a good one of my wedding band. We picked it out together and we both thought it had a vintage flair.
  13. Love this thread! One of these days I should leave this thread open on the computer and hopefully he'll take a peek and get some ideas, heheh.
  14. fgradowski

    fgradowski One of the Regulars

    Ideas? I straight up told my guy what I wanted! Haha.
  15. All of your rings are so beautiful!

    My (now) fiancé proposed while we were travelling through the USA with this absolutely gorgeous black opal set with diamonds in silver and gold.. He designed it himself and kept it hidden from me for 6 months!

    (I hope these work and that they're not enormous)


  16. appy

    appy Familiar Face

    I tried my best to take good pictures, but I assure you all my ring is prettier in person! This isn't my engagement ring, per se, as my husband bought it for me last year as an anniversary present. He got it from a local jeweler as an estate sale ring. I don't have an exact date for it, but the jewelers place it somewhere between the late 1920s and early 1940s (the woman specified pre-US entry into WWII). It's Art Deco style (obviously), 1/2 carat diamond (new stone, previously a tiny emerald) and 10 carat yellow gold. I love it so much! :D <3

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  17. I've been really blessed with all my Husband has given me over the years. My engagement ring is something I do wear very often. The band and setting is tiffany from his great grandmother, perhaps from about 1910, and the diamond was something he purchased from a jeweler in New York. I could have fainted from the price tag of the stone. Round brilliant cut, D color, considered flawless and is a near perfect cut. It is a very nice stone, 1.33 carat and cut really well by some long dead famous cutter. I'd have to dig into the safe to dig out all the diamonds and other gems that I have been given to by him over the years. He always just will come and say, come here and let me see you for a moment and spring something new on me.
  18. My fiancé and I are (obviously) huge antiquers! And I adore anything vintage. Our recent outing took an interesting turn when he started having me look at rings.....I found that bizarre as I am NOT a jewelry person especially EXPENSIVE jewelry.....my heart jumped when we found this gorgeous diamond solitaire vintage engagement ring.....low and behold he bought it and wham!!!
    We are engaged!!!
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    The etching on the sides is unreal...there is even either a flaw...idk or etching in the diamond itself in the shape of a heart I'm so in love with it!!!!!! (He doesn't know those but if I get any precious stones I love them to have flaws in them!!)
  19. Congrats!! :D

    Your appreciation of "flaws" reminds me of Wabi Sabi ("Wabi-sabi is the quintessential Japanese aesthetic. It is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete."). And I have to agree. Imperfections tend to lend more soul to an object, for lack of a better word.

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