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Show us your vintage-vintage inspired Engagement Ring!

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by o0olibelulao0o, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Such beautiful pieces. I am enjoying this thread, thanks for posting, everyone!

    Editing to add a belated congrats to all the engaged ladies :)
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  2. image.jpg

    Hope this works. This is my Art Deco engagement ring I received 9 years after we were married. I'm not big on jewellery, so the fact that for many years I had an amethyst engagement ring which had been my mother-in-law's didn't bother me in the slightest. We had little money and I'd much rather spend it on a house deposit than have it sit on my finger.

    I fell in love with this ring in a collectibles shop about 6 years before I got it, I would "visit" it whenever we went there. It disappeared after a while and I was devastated, so when it reappeared in the display I finally gave up on hinting and told my slightly dense husband to buy it lol. It's two tiny diamonds on a sleek gold squared off band and suits my tastes perfectly.
  3. TheSacredFemme

    TheSacredFemme One of the Regulars


    Oh my goodness, my mister proposed today with this gorgeous 1950s engagement ring! I'm over the moon with happiness.

    Better photos to follow post re-done nails!
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  4. Rockapin-up

    Rockapin-up A-List Customer

    Congrats!!! will be looking forward to more photos.
  5. Rockapin-up

    Rockapin-up A-List Customer

    What a lovely story and beautiful ring.
  6. pineapplefruitcake

    pineapplefruitcake One of the Regulars

    congrats sacredfemme! its absolutely stunning!
  7. TheSacredFemme

    TheSacredFemme One of the Regulars

    After a brief stint at the jewellers for resizing I am proud to present my 1950s engagement ring in all its glory! I can't believe that someone wants to marry this nutcase of a woman!
    My absolute favourite part of the ring is actually the side view and the way the stone has been set. I can't say I've studied too many modern rings but I've never quite come across that much detail in a new ring!


    Oh my goodness, it's on my finger!


    My favourite view!


    I should stop staring at it now!

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  8. [​IMG]

    My now husband proposed just over a year ago with a Victorian opal ring similar to my mother's. Opals are soft, so after a year of wear I lost one stone and chipped the other :eusa_doh: His mother gave him her mother's 1942 diamond engagement ring and a band of small diamonds to give to me... the story is that there was this amazing original band, engraved and everything, with a solitaire diamond and several small diamonds around the band. In the 50s a family member talked her into putting the solitaire into a flashy mid century setting and the small stones went into another simple band. I never liked diamonds, so he knew better than to propose with a VERY shiny, very sleek, very not me ring and gave me the opals. But he later gave me the re-set solitaire, the band, and the original setting. We wanted to get the stone put back in the original setting but it was too damaged. I did manage to find an old fashioned illusion setting and had the diamond put into it. Apparently the low profile settings are hard to find because everyone has the high profile raised ones now. This little guy was sitting at the back of the jewelers for years until I asked for one, and it happened to be just the right size for my stone. I wear the diamond rings as a set now and save the opals for special occasions. I still feel sad when I think of the amazing 40s setting that was ruined tho. It was so amazing, with incredible cut outs on the side of the prong setting (like sacred femme's but in a lotus motif) and arrows engraved on the band, and their names and engagement date on the inside. Ah well. I do love the bands I have. (yes, I know they are on the wrong hand. We are Eastern Orthodox, and right hand wedding rings are traditional :eek:)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Delma

    Delma New in Town

    I wear my grandma's wedding rings. Very typical 1940's modest set. [​IMG]

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  10. I have an emerald cut tourmaline engagement ring.
    He went with custom design since I work in the jewellery sector.

    I wear a plain yellow gold band on my right hand.
    I can wear them together if I want but I hardly ever do.

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  11. RebeccaMUA

    RebeccaMUA One of the Regulars

    Everyone's rings are so gorgeous! I absolutely loved looking at them <3
    While my husband and I had my engagement ring custom made, it was based on several vintage ring designs. The center stone is a 3 carat cushion cut blue sapphire set in white gold with about 132 diamonds. My bands I was lucky enough to find at Fred Meyer Jewelers and the bands have milgrain that matches my engagement ring perfectly. I love it because I can wear my rings all together or separately.
    IMG_4833 copy.jpg IMG_2997 copy.jpg
  12. Tyrannosaurus Pyrex

    Tyrannosaurus Pyrex New in Town

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  13. sweetdreams102

    sweetdreams102 New in Town

    These are my great-grandmother's rings:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    She got married in 1926 when she was 22 and my great-grandfather was 25. She died when I was a baby, and I inherited these when we had to move my grandfather (her son) into permanent nursing care. I don't know if the rings are actually from the 1920s or if they were bought or reset later in her life. They've been soldered together at some point.

    I'm single and the rings won't fit on my right hand, so right now I wear them as a necklace, but I'd love to wear them as an heirloom wedding ring if I ever do get married.

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