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Show us your weird and unusual stuff.

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by dh66, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Unique, unusual, or just plain odd. I know you all got something a little out of the ordinary. Let's see it.

    There are a couple of cool curiosity shops downtown here. I found this mounted bird in one of them today. It'll make good company for my jackalope.

    What've you got?
  2. Bugguy

    Bugguy One of the Regulars

    Here's one of my favorites... this small Japanese study of the human skull dates from the Meiji Period pre-1900. Its either lead or another soft alloy.

  3. Bugguy

    Bugguy One of the Regulars


  4. Bugguy

    Bugguy One of the Regulars

    Close-up of raised marking. Any Asian language experts in the forum to translate?

  5. That's an impressive piece Bugguy. Lots of detail packed in a small package.
    Thanks for sharing!
  6. Alright, just so folks don't think everything is gonna be all creepy.....[​IMG]
    Here's a bust of Elvis I found at a flea market. The fact that he's entirely maroon, with flashing faux diamonds for eyes makes him pretty unusual, don't you think. (Well, maybe a little creepy, too.)
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  7. Bamaboots

    Bamaboots I'll Lock Up

    I don't know, Dale. Elvis's face probably looked like that from time to time. Now that bird is another story.

    Bugguy, love the detail on that skull.
  8. You're probably right.
  9. Damion....
  10. mikespens

    mikespens Call Me a Cab

    Well Dale, not quite up to a 2 headed bird or possessed Elvis, in fact I don't even think mine are weird or unusual. Definitely stuff though and keep my desktop company:

  11. Whew!!! Cthulu and the bloody skull cup are plenty creepy, Mike. That ray-gun, wow!!! Way cool. And of course good old pokeman. My two oldest boys are obsessed with it right now, those cards are all over the house.
    An impressive collection of odd, bro.
  12. Some very cool stuff there. Mike, what's the story with the Cthulu piece? Almost looks like it could be an odd piece from a themed chess-set.
  13. mikespens

    mikespens Call Me a Cab

    Dale, I'm forced to keep it small and localized in my limited personal space, but if I had my way..........

    Edward, the Cthulu is a small art sculpture from a kat calling himself Meatspider. He has an Ebay and Etsy store as well as a website.
  14. RichardKW

    RichardKW New in Town

    That is one of the coolest rockets ever!
  15. [​IMG]
    How 'bout a lamp made from a recycled yard bird?
  16. mikespens

    mikespens Call Me a Cab

    First I've heard of a conserve plastic flamingos movement Dale. This is getting weird. Why am I in the mood for a rum cocktail with a little umbrella in it?
  17. Because you're awake?
  18. mikespens

    mikespens Call Me a Cab

    I resemble that remark Dale. I suppose this qualifies as weird, a flying saucer helmed by a head hunting space rhino?

  19. Bamaboots

    Bamaboots I'll Lock Up

    Alright Mike, now you've got my attention. Me want.
  20. mikespens

    mikespens Call Me a Cab

    Boots, I found it a few yrs back in a kool shop in Hood River, Ore that's since closed. There is a website on the box for this: http://www.rocketworld.org/ but unfortunately it looks long overdue for an update.

    Also picked up this rocket lamp at the same shop


    It's about 9" tall and the maker of this appears to have moved on to much bigger projects: http://coolrockets.com/
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