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Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by dh66, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. It's a long story, but one day several years ago my wife and I received a special delivery of the cremains of one of my deceased uncles. We weren't sure about how to distribute his cremains in accordance with his wishes, so until we decided they sat prominently on a table in our living room...in the plastic box they were shipped to us in, that is--a simple brown plastic box with a paper label on the front that stated his name, the date of the cremation, and what we assume was an internal number used by the crematorium to keep track of which "client" was which. People would ask, "What's that?", and we'd reply, "Oh, that's uncle Richard." And then we'd wait for the inevitable follow-up questions. And if they didn't believe us, we'd open the box and remove the plastic bag within that actually contained his cremains. We had some good laughs with that gag, and knowing uncle Richard's sense of humor as I did I'm sure he approved.
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  2. Bugguy

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    This thread has definitely taken an odd turn. Rather than the Display Case we've evolved to a Cabinet of Curiosities. However, its all good. Keep the reveals coming!
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  3. "Weird and unusual stuff" is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna' get. :D
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    You may need to ponder this for a moment.... I have worked my whole career in the organ transplant and tissue banking field, so you can see why this appealed to me.

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  5. GHT

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    Saw this at a festival last summer. Would you believe, a steam powered record player.
    steam record player.jpg
  6. "Dr. Frankenstein, I presume?" :D
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  7. Bugguy

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    Pretty much. We're getting better at it. With 3-D printing and a little make-up, pretty soon you won't see the stitches. Of course, we may occasionally finish one with two left feet.
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  8. That’s nice!

    A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. – unknown
  9. Dang, i want that record player!
    Very cool!
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  10. Hurricane Jack

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    Better than a Leg Lamp any day!

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  11. I suppose that would depend on whether you're a "leg man", or a "breast man", or... ;)
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  12. I've got some stuff like that.

    But for now I can show you this:

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  13. 20180311_131941_500x281.jpg

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  14. GHT

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    Now that's an interesting lamp light. I wonder if the owner of this car would appreciate it?
    mini boobs.jpg
  15. I regularly find myself in the "I don't know art, but I know what I like" camp, and this sort of "tribal" art ("African" and "Tiki") really appeals to me for some reason. Nice assortment!

    This has nothing to do with that, but for some reason I was reminded of this portrait that my parents had prominently displayed at home when I was growing up:


    Theirs was a framed copy (complete with a faux canvas texture), but according to the 'Net the original was painted by Vladimir Tretchikoff in 1952 and was called "Chinese Girl". Even the model, Monika Pon-Su-San (Monika Sing-Lee when it was painted) was reportedly shocked when she first saw it and didn't know why he painted her face green. While I was growing up I had no idea why my parents would have such a portrait in their home, especially considering neither had any Asian heritage that I'm aware of. But they (more specifically Mom) had unique tastes, and as an adult I formed a theory that it reminded Dad of a Japanese woman he worked with and possibly had feelings for that extended beyond their friendship. ;) I wish I still had it, but it went missing long ago.
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  16. Face Jugs

    Southern folk art that also keeps the kids out of the hooch. Imagine digging around in grandma's cupboard and finding one of these staring at you.[​IMG][​IMG]

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