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Simonds Caps

Discussion in 'Merchants' started by Simonds, Apr 28, 2013.

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  2. New smaller cut 8 panel with band

  3. Special request cap

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  4. good work Barry !
  5. flat-top

    flat-top My Mail is Forwarded Here

  6. Barry, i saw the reference photo of that last cap before you removed it... looked almost identical !
  7. Newest additions! pre tie and self tying bow ties made from modern and vintage fabrics

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  8. Custom wool eight dart cap using customers specifications, decorative strap, matching buttons,cotton lining and full leather sweatband.




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  9. bretron

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    Lovely! You have a cinch back option for your 8 panels?
  10. Here is a commissioned cap made from a vintage 40's wool jacket,measuring 11" with our new 2 1/2" bill, cotton lining and full leather sweat

  11. New 11" diameter 8 dart cap in natural linen

  12. 998718_493716634050100_1024603821_n.jpg

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  13. Nick D

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  14. No,it's not lined it is what we are calling the single ply. It is a single piece of fabric with seam tape. It makes for a very light weight cap for warmer weather.
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  15. Nick D

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    Very cool! (Pun possibly intended) What weight is the linen?
  16. New 8 darts single ply with cinch backs, made for a customers grand kids.


  17. [video=youtube_share;XqE_rGcnY3M]http://youtu.be/XqE_rGcnY3M[/video]
  18. With fall just around the corner we have been collecting bundles of modern and vintage wool's for making these wonderful patchwork caps. My personal favorite style cap!


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