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So trivial, yet it really ticks you off.

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by GHT, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. 3fingers

    3fingers Practically Family

    Two dollar hooker. :eek: A 2 dollar term from my childhood was 2 dollar pistol, as in hotter than a 2 dollar pistol.
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  2. December??? :eek: That's far too long to wait for a good cup of coffee.
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  3. I'm really sick of people scheduling their vacations without the slightest consideration of what the schedule is that week or the fact that other people are also on vacation that week. Guess who ends up holding the bag and having to figure out how to hold said bag even though she isn't allowed to work overtime.
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  4. One of my co-workers says she can’t function until she has had her daily dose of Java.

    Not being a caffeine junky I can only
    imagine what it is that folks crave so
    much first thing in the morning.

    OTH... being a soda pop junkie... I can understand.... although it’s something I
    don’t have to drink first thing in the morning!
  5. 3fingers

    3fingers Practically Family

    I think that is a sign of the times we live in. People feel no obligation to their employer or coworkers if it interferes with what they want.
    My immediate supervisor and I have discussed the decline of the reliability gene as a dominant influence. We say it like it's a joke, but I feel your pain.
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  6. The Big Chief should require that all the little chiefs submit their vacation
    schedules in advance, probably at the beginning of the year.
    This way all in the tribe knows when or what to expect.

    Should there be a situation where the schedule cannot be kept,
    have them outline an alternate schedule so that no one will end
    up holding the bag.
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  7. When it was up to me, I didn't allow more than one person to take a vacation in any given week -- simple as that. But apparently it isn't up to me anymore.

    I haven't taken a vacation of my own since 2011. And I got called back from that when the boiler failed.
  8. Coffee isn't a "must" for me first thing in the morning, though I'm sure the caffeine helps to wake me up at least a little. But there's something about that first cup of coffee (particularly on a chilly morning) or a good cup of coffee after a good meal that is one of those simple pleasures in life.

    Vacations, on the other hand, were a double-edged sword for me at my last place of employment. So much of my job went undone while I was gone that the amount of time it took me to get caught up (on top of my normal daily duties) was regularly equal to the amount of time I'd been away.
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  9. Well it’s about time you declare yourself
    You have my loyal support!
    Is there a specific title you prefer?

    How about “Oh Wise & Lovely LizzieMaine” ?
    I like that!
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  10. I prefer "Madame Commissar," but I'll take what I can get.
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  11. When I was a smoker I had my first cigarette of the day lit before I reached the comfort facility. I had at least three or four before the coffee was made. Had to get that nicotine in me. Just had to.
  12. “Madame Commissar”?
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  13. Because I know I can depend on you and not
    the others!”

    When I asked my boss about my not having taken a break in a long spell. :cool:
  14. The proper response to this statement would have been, "Then pay me more!" :D
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  15. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    New Firefox 57 doesn't support NoScript, anymore. :(

    But now, I got "Policy control" and it's ok! :)

  16. I had a boss who was deeply offended by the suggestion that she enjoy a few weeks off. ("Do you think that I need a VACATION? Why do you think that I need a vacation??") She was a great boss, the most generous of individuals, and she always seemed to enjoy seeing photos that I brought back from my own trips, but she thought that any suggestion that she experience travel was a suggestion that she was weak and vulnerable. Never understood that, because I think that travel really involves a lot of spontaneous planning and decision making.

    I grew up in a home where we never took a vacation as a family until I was 14- and even then it was always one of those "2 weeks in a cabin while Dad goes fishing" deals. We had a standing invitation from relatives in California to "..come on out, anytime!" .. and as much as I dreamed of taking the Super Chief or the City of Los Angeles (or even a road trip, a la the Griswolds in "National Lampoon's Vacation") it never came to pass. When we got married my wife the army brat vowed that a year would never pass when we didn't get away for at least a few weeks, and she's been good on that one for over 3 decades. I love to travel, and I love planning vacations even years ahead of time. To me, travel is the most pleasant and painless ways of learning, and learning is really the point of it all (for me, anyway). I loathe the idea of sitting on a sunny beach for a week, but if it involves museums and historical sights, I'm in with both feet.
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  17. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    My fix is found at Starbucks around 05.10am. Pike's Roast and the Chicago Sun Times sports page before the 06.20 Rock Island ride to LaSalle Street Station.
    Cannot awaken:confused: without coffee.:)
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  18. I typically feel a bit of anxiety over anticipated time away from home, but I love being out on the road once the trip is underway. Like you, I'm not one for lolling about on a beach or doing what I could be doing without having left home. Had a spur of the moment trip last weekend to Leadville with the lovely missus and her longest-time friend, who had flown in for a visit a couple of days earlier. Leadville was a boomtown well over a century ago, and much of its commercial district dates from then. It's now a relatively sleepy, "undiscovered" mountain town where people of mostly modest means go about their humble lives. We had lunch in a saloon that has been in operation since 1879. It remains blessedly un-Disneyfied.
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  19. During the summer mail delivery becomes very slow because half the post office is on vacation and the remaining half are newbies filling in. My understanding is that they make everybody take their vacation during the summer so that they're not shorthanded during the holiday season.
  20. Fascinating place. I remember crossing Independence Pass to get there in the middle of August, and encountering a snowstorm. The history of that town, including H.A.W. Tabor and his wife Baby Doe, is really interesting.
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