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Someone got a beauty of a wide-brim Cavanagh!

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Tango Yankee, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. It wasn't me. :(

    I was watching this beautiful Cavanagh to see how it would do. It's not often that a Cav comes up for sale that's not a stingy brim, at least in my experience. I'd forgotten that it was ending last night, otherwise I might have bid on it to use my ebay coupon. :eusa_doh:

    The seller is either a member here or a lurker; he acknowleges Brad Bowers and the Fedora Lounge for being the source of his information when he answered the question "What's a Cavanagh Edge."

    Lovely hat....

  2. Ande1964

    Ande1964 Practically Family

    That is a beauty. I love the color.

    I just acquired my first Cavanagh edge my own self... it's in the new hat thread.

  3. AlanC

    AlanC My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Quite a price for a 7 1/4. But remember, there is no economic incentive to make a modern Cavanagh edge. ;)
  4. I too followed that sale. Jeez...my size but unfortuanatly not my price range.

    What a beauty!
  5. Brad Bowers

    Brad Bowers I'll Lock Up

    Wow, that didn't go cheap! Nice hat, though and great color.

    I appreciate the citation -- it's better than plagiarism! However, I really need to get my updated information into print, as they used info that I have long since supplanted. That's the one big problem with using the Lounge as an historical resource, the old info still circulates and spreads the problem. I guess it's time for "The Definitive Cavanagh Edge Primer," at least to this point in the research.lol

  6. AlanC

    AlanC My Mail is Forwarded Here

  7. surely

    surely A-List Customer

  8. Stan

    Stan A-List Customer

    I would have bid, if it had been 7 1/8! :p

    As it was, I didn't even watch it.

  9. Lately it seems like I'm just going to have to be happy with the 20 or so hats I have. Tweaking my collection is now out of my price range.:(

    I was lucky to get my Borsalino and Cavanagh and Whippet when I did.
  10. Can a hat be a piece of ....?

    If so, that Cavanagh certainly is. Since I must occasionally work for a living and raise kids, I missed the posting entirely.

    As remarkable as the hat itself were the excellent description and photos of it that leave very little doubt what you're buying. I would have gladly shelled out a couple hundred for it. I love everything about that hat--the crown height, brim width, lining, sweat (easily repairable), ribbon, condition, bash, color--except the size: I'm a 7 1/8.

    Never-the-less, had I seen the post, I would have gotten it anyway and felt-padded the 7 1/4 down to fit me. Rats!!!
  11. Rick Blaine

    Rick Blaine My Mail is Forwarded Here


    ,,, back the truck up, now, sir... I am not certain I like the implications of that statement. I mean, after all, what does that, then, make the fella who sells that hat? ;)
  12. Retro Rob

    Retro Rob Familiar Face

    I would have bid if it were 7 1/8. Love the color.
  13. That really is a beautiful hat.
  14. What a beauty. I saw it the day it was listed and wept because I knew I'd never be able to bid high enough to own it. My size, too. I'm feeling better now. :eek:
  15. When do you all believe that hat was originally made? Are they any details that link it to a certain time?
  16. Brad Bowers

    Brad Bowers I'll Lock Up

    Anytime in the 1940s through early '50s. The best clues are the crown height and brim width. Beyond that, most Cavanaghs look the same in their appointments.

  17. Spellflower

    Spellflower Practically Family

    Stan and Bob, i wouldn't cry too hard; with those size 7 1/8 noggins of yours, you're bound to find dozens of great hats that us big-headed guys can only dream about!

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