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Source for Hat Sponge...?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by jimmy the lid, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. jimmy the lid

    jimmy the lid I'll Lock Up

    Can anyone recommend a source for a white rubber hat sponge? I see that the Village Hat Shop offers a dark hat sponge, but I imagine that I would not want to use that on lighter color hats, true?

    Several Loungers have suggested using a white rubber hat sponge for removing light soil and stains -- I just can't seem to find one anywhere...[huh]

  2. I think Elaine bought the last case...

    Wink, wink!
  3. Locally

    I have gotten both kinds at the Boot Barn here in Southern California as they carry cowboy hats and numerous hat cleaners, even that Nu-Strw cleaner.
  4. jimmy the lid

    jimmy the lid I'll Lock Up

    Thanks, guys. Looks like Aaron's go the goods.:)

  5. johnnycanuck

    johnnycanuck One Too Many

  6. jimmy the lid

    jimmy the lid I'll Lock Up

    Hadn't seen that before. Looks interesting. You've had good luck with it?

  7. Wayfarer

    Wayfarer New in Town

    Soot sponge

    I bought a "soot sponge" also called a dry cleaning sponge on the label at a paint store. They use it to clean the walls with soot damage before painting.

    I am pretty sure its the same thing and it works for me. It is natural rubber about 6"x3"x2". I cut mine in half.
  8. Snrbfshn

    Snrbfshn A-List Customer

    The sponge you want is...

    The Gonzo Wonder Sponge:

    I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond for about $4. They make a lampshade sponge that'll do the same thing.

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