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Spelling counts

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Pilgrim, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Just seen in an Ebay auction for a Borsalino:

    "100% poorest quality fur felt construction and completly unlined."

    Two typos in one sentence: the second is just confidence-sapping, the first is spectacularly inappropriate!

    However, to give credit where it's due, this sentence is found lower down, which contains both another calamity and a cause for praise:

    "It is trimmed with a narrow accented black poorest quality grosgrain band."

    It may be poorest quality, but not one in 100 Ebay sellers spells "grosgrain" correctly!:fing28:
  2. Half the folks who post here misspell a word or two per paragraph.

    im nott serprised!
  3. That includes me! I am a horrible speller. I do *try* to catch my mistakes though...
  4. That counts. Thanks for it!
  5. Horrible-

    A horrible speller..., or AN horrible speller..? :kick:

  6. Eliza Dolittle was probably an 'orrible speller.
  7. Baggers

    Baggers Practically Family

    "Hookd on foniks wurked fur me.":rolleyes:
  8. ...so you got that then.

  9. I also have noticed that on ebay. I have never heard of a good excuse for not being able to spell correctly. I am guilty of a few inexcusable reasons myself. People complain about the ill dressed and how the way you dress says alot about you and I think that the way you spell and use language say alot more about you. English is my second language so maybe that is why I am so sensitive about it's use. There also seems to be a trend to not use capitol letters when online. If I say something I get the old, "you know what I mean. Quit being so anal." There are several dictionaries online that can help you spell when in doubt. www.m-w.com
  10. The thing that amuses me about Ebay is when someone is selling a CD by a particular artist, I will use Chris Isaak as an example, and they misspell the name that is clearly on the CD! People wonder why their CD's for Chris "Issac" don't sell.
  11. LEUII

    LEUII One of the Regulars

    I get never ending grief for my spelling on two counts:

    One, I was taught according to Oxford; even though I live in the U.S. Thus, I spell 'favorite' as favourite and 'gray' as grey, and so on.

    Second, one of my majors was English. When I goof I catch it! Especially from my father who is a retired English and lingustics professor.
  12. Rest Assured, there are quite a few other 'proper' spellers in here, and no one will critique that aspect of your language here.

    As for myself, I am bi-dialectal in terms of spelling, having lived in the UK for a few years and gotten a degree whilst there. After being back a few years now, it becomes a 'whim' as to which spelling I use and when, although if i am not paying attention I still tend to the UK versions.

    I also have a degree in Linguistics, but that doesn't guarantee anything except the ability to analyse -how- people talk.

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