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Star Trek

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by The Good, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. I humbly apologise to the great and mighty Doctor Strange. I am repentant in my sorrow for having disparaged the production costs and values of a show created over fifty years ago.

    The production costs, value and quality were on par with or better than those of current shows.

    I will never disparage the show or your expertise again.

    Bartender Edit: Let's all play nice, please.
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  2. What a brilliant piece of television that is. People sometimes go off on Avery Brooks for his somewhat stylized acting approach, but that's exactly what's called for in this particular episode. Especially if you know and understand the characters and their relationships thruout the series, and especially at this exact point in the "Dominion War Arc," the whole thing comes off like a punch to the gut. I remember watching it on its first airing, and sitting there in silence with the television off for about half an hour afterward just absorbing it. "You are the dreamer -- and the dream."
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  3. I have frequently said here that I don't care for DS9, that it's the only Trek series that does nothing for me... But that particular episode is outstanding!
  4. Benzadmiral

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    I stand in awe of Brooks. Before DS9 he embodied Hawk, the mysterious and larger than life enforcer who backed up Robert B. Parker's Spenser in nearly all the mystery novels in that series. Before Brooks as Hawk in the mid-Eighties series, I'd have said, "Who could possibly play such a character, and make it believable?" After the series: "Done."

    A couple of other actors have attempted the role in other adaptations since the Eighties. None of them come close.
  5. Trek fans are highly divided about Brooks as Sisko, I think -- some accuse him of being another Shatner in his highly-wrought approach to the part, but I think he is exactly what the character of Sisko requires. Sisko is a damaged man who's constantly on the bloody edge of losing control, stuck in a job he doesn't particularly want, with people he, in the beginning, doesn't particularly like, and trying to raise a teenage son on his own in the midst of it all. And then out of nowhere he's essentially anointed by a group of aliens -- or gods -- as their Emissary to a divided, conflicted planet.

    I don't think a low-key Patrick Stewart type of actor could have even touched that role. But Brooks absolutely owns it from the very first scene, and never lets go till the very end of the series. It was a bravura performance from start to finish -- in the very first episode, Brooks as Sisko even stares down Stewart as Picard and completely dominates the scene.

    Interestingly, one of the actors who auditioned for the role of Sisko back in 1992 was none other than the future Twelfth Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi. Now that would have been an interesting way to go.
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    The Benny Russel-timeline would have been such a great DS9-spin off! :D
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    I'm watching TNG - "When the bough breaks".

    The girl, hugging Picard. :D
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    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    TNG "Hotel Royale", aaaaaah... :)
  9. Is the show broadcast with German voiceovers or subtitles and/or original English?
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    German synchro.
  11. I think I might find it interesting (okay - funny or maybe even hilarious) to see the cast, particularly Worf and Data, over-dubbed in German.

    Actually, Worf might not be all that funny (or different). Klingon is pretty guttural.
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  12. Given that Worf, the character, was raised by foster parents in Minsk, I imagine he spoke Klingon with a Russian accent. The mind boggles.
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    On TNG, I really miss an episode, where the Klingons discovert Denim-jackets from earth, take of course pleasure on the rough stuff and start to import, secretly over middlemen, with positive effects on the connections between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, but on an illegal ways. And then, after information from the Federations secret-sevices, the Enterprise D has to be send for further investigation.

    The story could be proceed the typcial way, that Picard has to decide moralic between sweeping such things under the table and take the positive effects or fight for legality. With an expected showdown, like Picard recognizing, that Starfleet Command is partly involved in black-market and things like this. ;)
  14. "Ooocchh. Acchh. Vodka. Borscht."
  15. I saw that one. Great episode.
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