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Stephen L. Stetson Hats

Discussion in 'Hats' started by redhawks2, May 10, 2009.

  1. redhawks2

    redhawks2 One of the Regulars

    Anyone know the approximate years when Stephen was making hats? I acquired one off Ebay that is an OR clone and even has a paper tag on the inside under the sweatband that says OPENRD and a price of $30.00 I'm trying to date this. The black leather sweatband is too worn to discern if there were any markings that may have said open road.
    Thanks much for any info!
  2. Been covered a few times...


    "Stetson, Stephen
    Stephen L. Stetson was a grandnephew of John B. Stetson, and an independent hatter in New York City, during the first half of the 20th century. The John B. Stetson company eventually sued in January of 1934 and made a case for copyright infringement, from which point you see the notice “In no way related to the Stetson Hat Company of Philadelphia" on the company’s label."



  3. redhawks2

    redhawks2 One of the Regulars

    Thanks for the reply...it looks like the actual dates when Stephen L. Stetson was in business is lost to history. I took my hat out into the bright sunshine and looking with the aid of a magnifying glass, turning it in just the right light, closing one eye and squinting the other, I was able to tell that the sweatband was indeed marked OPEN ROAD but had been worn off smooth over the years. Someone wore this hat a lot!
  4. RHY

    RHY One of the Regulars

  5. DougC

    DougC Practically Family

    There is one up on the bay now--for those who have one of the Stephen Stetsons...are you happy with your purchase/winnings?
  6. I had one a few years ago and sold it. It was okay, but the one I had wasn't the quality of my other vintage fedora's of similar age.

  7. handlebar bart

    handlebar bart Call Me a Cab

    I can agree with that. I like mine better than new production hats but its not up to the standard of my other vintage hats by any maker. Mine is a fairly stiff one in "british weight" and is pretty dang stiff. I do wear it alot as a knockabout and I like the styling and dimensions of it so I wouldn't discourage the purchase of one.
  8. DougC

    DougC Practically Family

    Hmmm...If I can get it cheap, it might be good to have then--just to call it my non-Stetson.
  9. Talking about OPEN auctions is VERBOTEN, just so you know.:p
  10. handlebar bart

    handlebar bart Call Me a Cab

    Posting a link to a active ebay auction is against the rules, mentioning that an auction exists is not. I'd hate to see a new member scared to post because of being unsure of the actual rules.
  11. DougC

    DougC Practically Family

    thanks--for the clarification. Seems to be the same rules as on other sites. Just to be clear, no one here can go bid now....except me.
  12. guitarmasta12

    guitarmasta12 One of the Regulars

    I have an SLS From my Great Grandfather and it's very nice! I think it's from 1934 to the early 1940s. Mine says Viceroy. Not sure what that means.


    Need to repost it because she's got a tear drop now. Not a center.
  13. rclark

    rclark One Too Many

    Wow! Very cool.
  14. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

  15. Jim Green

    Jim Green New in Town

    Is it true to size or does it run big or small?

    Is it true to size or does it run big or small?

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