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Stetson Nutria quality Campaign Hat

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by RobFedoraField, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. I've treated myself to an vintage official BSA campaign hat so i am no longer in need of this campaign hat.

    it's a Stetson Nutria fur felt campaign hat. it's in mint condition.

    it would NOT come with the leather band or pin, but it does still have the original ribbon attached. I believe it's a 7 3/8

    any interest out there?

  2. osok1

    osok1 New in Town

  3. I would have been interested if I didn't just drop 80 on an OR yesterday. Might still be if the price is low enough.
  4. the hat is really in perfect condition. I'll get more pictures, i was thinking of starting at $75 + shipping
  5. jskeen

    jskeen One of the Regulars

    Ok, I'm just curious, why you would trade off a vintage nutria stetson for one of the new official BSA campaign hats?
  6. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man A-List Customer

    Do you have any pictures? Can't see the one that was posted. Thanks
  7. hmm, I wonder why you can't see it. yes, i will take a couple more and send them to you
  8. rbwolcott

    rbwolcott New in Town

    I'll take this hat, assuming it is still available.

    eta:Nevermind. I just checked the uniform regs, and it seems a cub leader is supposed to wear the ball cap. :( Maybe I'll just stick the emblem on one of my Tilleys when we go outdoors.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2013
  9. You can wear any BSA hat from the past. Notice Rob's wearing Cub epaulets. Wood Badge now allows Cub leaders so you can sport a vintage hat if you'd like as well as a Scouter. One of the perks of donating your one hour per week....
  10. winterland1

    winterland1 Practically Family

    I am Cub Scout Den leader also and would say you could wear the campaign hat anywhere. It looks great. I am thinking of getting one myself.
    I couldn't imagine anyone having an issue with it. It was The hat to wear back in the day. Ball caps to me are kind of lame for Scouts. No offence if any Leader wears one. I have been wearing my Tilley outdoors.
  11. sorry guys, apparantly I'm not getting my email notifications that this thread has been updated.

    I'm selling it because I have a stratton that fits better that came w/ a Hat Trap to keep it clean / flat during camping events / travel

    I've worn this to resident camps, day camps and other ceremonies. I have never had anyone complain or say I shouldn't be wearing it.

    RBWolcott, is that Perry, NY? I'm from York, NY.

    I took more pictures, but forgot to upload them, I'll get those up here soon.

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