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Sweetheart Items

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by maisie, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    From looking at another thread it looks like all you ladies have a great collection of Sweatheart items, so if you you have any items please let us all have a look!:D
  2. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    Here are a few of my RAF sweetheart broochs, and othe patriotic items:

  3. Here's one of mine:


    I still need to take pics of the rest :)
  4. I just adore these items, Jitterbug and Maisie. I don't have any yet, but after seeing all of your pics on another thread, I've been searching online for some. Just what I need, a collection of something new!
  5. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Oh! I saw one of these at an antique store in Ohio and fell in love with it! The one there was missing one arm so I let it pass, but it was still adorable. I love sailors :)
  6. This one is celluloid; the brim of his hat is broken, but I never could resist a sailor ;)
  7. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    That sailor brooch is so cute! I have seen a navy one like that too, as well as a soilder one and a marine, but i have to say that one is the cutest out of them all!:D
  8. I need to take some pictures of my collections....I'll go do that and post them in a bit...
  9. More of my collection:


    The pair of white scotties is engraved: "Bob 1941"

    The USN compact has a photo of the original sweetheart.

    The gold stars are dress clips connected by three celluloid chains. This is the first piece of sweetheart jewelry I bought :)
  10. I just added to my collection today lol

    The bar reads "In the Army"

  11. What is the history behind those Sweetheart items? Forgive me for asking - I´m just a foreigner that never heard of those. [huh]

    I have sort of an idea what they could be since I started to look for brooches on German ebay and found some cute items displayed as WHW broches. I checked wikipedia and found out those where given in exchange for giving money for charity in the 30s and 40s. First to support the unemployed during the depression, than to help to rebuild Germany and Austria during WWII.

    Here are some samples of those WHW-broches:

    I personally find them cute, but finding out they also where a part of Nazi-propaganda keeps me from buying them. :( I feel I better stick to Jugendstil, Art Deko and 50s brooches when ebaying.

    Are the sweetheart-items sort of the american way of those? I´d love to know more since I find the sweetheart-items extremely cute and would love to find out more about them and their meaning :)
  12. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    Sweetheart brooches are like patriotic brooches worn to show support during WWII, also if ones have anthing to do with any of the armed services it was probably given from a soldier to his sweetheart (girlfriend) hence the name.
  13. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    I like the circle one! And isn't that one with the dangling star a son in service pin, i think thats what its called?
  14. Awwww.... now I understand. I was wondering where the name comes from. Thank you for the information maisie!
  15. Yes, service star flags did become known by that name, but they were also displayed by women whose husbands were in the service. A blue star means that you son or sweetheart is serving his country; a gold star means he died in service to his country.

    The circle pin sold for $2--I love a good deal :)
  16. I added to my collection yesterday--I think he's pretty cute:
  17. texasgirl

    texasgirl One Too Many

    Sweetheart Locket

    My fiance's sister got this for me for Christmas! I love it! And what was so neat was she put a picture of me and her brother on the inside dressed in our vintage clothes!

  18. Folly

    Folly One of the Regulars

  19. Here are my latest finds:







  20. USAAC Sweetheart Pin

    Good evening Ladies,

    When I was dating my wife, before we got married, I gave her an original silver US Army Air Corp pin. It was a silver prop and wings. I need to learn how to post pictures on this site so I can show off some of my collerction.

    You are still my favorite pin-up.

    Gray Ghost

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