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Tennessee Hatters

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Gilgamark, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Gilgamark

    Gilgamark A-List Customer

    I apologize in advance if this has been covered in previous threads. Couldn't find it in a search.

    Question for all you Tennesseans: do you have recommendations for hatters in our great state?

  2. I have been looking also. Mike Moore is in the Memphis area. Also, I remember seeing in an older posting I found about a hat shop in Chattanooga that provided some hat related services, but I do not think that they provided custom hat making. Nothing here in Knoxville that I have been able to find. I would be really interested to hear if you find anything in Nashville.
  3. Gilgamark

    Gilgamark A-List Customer

    Nothing in Nashville - that I have been able to find.
  4. The shop in Chattanooga is now crap. Once upon a time, it was a quality shop. There's also a hat guy I think he lives in Chattanooga. He specializes in Cowboy hats for Cowboy Action guys. But truth be told he has another hatter make his tough to make hats for him. He mainly is a dealer of hats to different clubs, who shapes a fe as well. Not a true hat maker. Knoxville's got nada, Nashville's got nada. Old Ju had a great hat place in Nashville, but he died and they closed.

    Nope the best hatter in Tennessee is w/o question Mike Moore.

  5. I have read good things about his hats. It would just be nice to have a shop to visit that was reasonably local.
  6. Its well worth a trip to see his new shop and see what he can offer.


    I look forward to the first of Febuary when I get to see what else he has done to the shop.

    Also for all you guys that dont know it check out the Mid South Gathering thread in the EVENTS section. We will gather at Mont Eagle on Feb 6-7.
  7. The 4th

    The 4th New in Town

    I am in Memphis.
    Any contact info on Mike Moore, or where his shop is would be great please.
    Do you know if he offers restoration and cleaning services?
  8. Hey friend, check mine and Rick Blains post for the links!

    also this from the Commercial Appeal

  9. majormoore

    majormoore Vendor

    Company name and phone number was put on door Monday, was told the large sign that will hang from the store , out over the side walk will be hung Sat afternoon, it will have both a western hat and a Fedora hat on both sides of the sign, with Buckaroo Hatters, Custom Hand Made Hats on both sides.

    Web master is working on adding map link to the web site so you can click and map your way there, it is on town square in Covington, Tn.

    Thanks to all, here on the FL and western hat people, I was able to move from working at the house to a nice shop, that looks old with the display windows on both sides of the front door, still have alot more to do and hang up in there, but as they say ( so and so wasn't built in one day)

    Major Moore
  10. Definitely see MajorMoore!!
    Hey the4th, that looks exactly like my lazy dog in your avatar.lol
  11. Gatlinburg - The Cowboy Way

    I bumped into a retail hat store 'The Cowboy Way' in the Mountain Mall in Gatlinburg, TN (traffic light #6 on highway #441 in Gatlinburg). Highway #441 is the main drag through Gatlinburg. Most of the hats are cowboy hats, but fedoras were there also, Stetson, Resistol, & Beaver Brand fur felts in addition to the less expensive wool versions by various names. I think most of the stock looked like some dead-stock rather than all-new, but I could be mistaken about that. Some of the Stetson fedoras had such soft, pliable felt that I thought for sure it was vintage NOS - however, maybe Stetson is making some fedoras with less stiffener in them now, not sure about that. This is a boot and hat store, big shiny buckles also. I did not take any pictures and was unable to converse much with the owner, as I was there with family and could only spare a few minutes to peruse through the store. Thought I should pass this along - there is a genuine retail hat store in East TN, a good thing.
  12. Nice to see that there is a hat shop close by. Next time I am in Gatlinburg I will check it out. I thought since it is a tourist area they might be incredibly over priced but the prices don't look outrageous.

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