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Terms Which Have Disappeared

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by KILO NOVEMBER, Sep 4, 2013.

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    This is a forum for casual conversation in the form of posting and not a place where anything will be graded. Not officially, anyway, although it may become the subject of a dispute. In any event, no requirement for proper spelling will be expected, provided the intended meaning is conveyed. Others may have their own ideas on the subject, of course.

    Of terms that may or may not still be in use, does anyone say "pulling your leg?" Or being sent on a snipe hunt, which usually involves being left holding the bag (but not the same bag you let the cat out of)? Or being made sport of? Does anyone ever get your goat? Ever have a close shave? Where can we see the nick of time? If dawn has a crack, what about dusk?
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  3. Dawn cracks, dusk "gathers."
  4. BlueTrain

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    We go roaming in the dusk.
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    I agree with you.

    Although there are some spelling freaks that get their "panties curled" if words are
    spelt inkerrectly!
    For them, it's probably like someone scratching the chalk board with their nails,
    or worse.

    My difficulty is not grasping the differences with the words "anything" and "nothing".
    I'll say, "I don't have nothing."
    Although it has been explained by people that are educated.
    I still say it wrong at times.

    I'm usually..."left out in the cold!".

    But then...."it dawns on me",
    if I've made my point, then
    that's all that matters.

    Just my 2¢ on dis & dat! :D
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    Whatever floats your boat.
  7. Where's the water closet?
  8. 2jakes

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    I'll run it up the flag pole and see who salutes it!
  9. 2jakes

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    But I know who's on first.
    What's on second.
    And I don't know is on third base. :D
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  10. W. C. Fields got in trouble during his first radio appearance on the Chase & Sanborn Hour in 1937, when he ad-libbed a joke based on the British meaning of "W. C."

    For the remainder of his tenure on that program, the rest of the cast was required to call him "Bill."
  11. Whenever we got to cutting up rough as kids my grandmother would stand in the doorway, shake her fist at us and yell "IF YOU KIDS DON'T BE QUIET I'LL LAY YOU OUT IN LAVENDER!"

    Which was a lot more entertaining than my mother's approach, which was simply to say "Shut up or I'll kill you."
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  12. 2jakes

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    My father would grab what ever was handy and throw it at me as
    I ran out the door.
    He was a bad shot and usually missed or perhaps he did this on purpose,
    I'll never know.
    But once he threw the object, whether it hit me or not....it was over.

    My mom, on the other hand, would stand by the door after
    I ran out of the house.

    That look and tone in her voice when she would say....

    "Sooner or later...you're going to have to come in...I can wait."
    And she never forgot!

    Although as angry or upset as they were with me,
    they never cursed or use foul language towards me.

    With each other they did.
    Half the time, I had no idea some of the words.

    One thing,
    My father never raised his hand or hit my mom except
    once when he shoved her back.
    I got in between and told him,
    "you want to dance with somebody...try me!"

    I was just a kid, but even then, I would not tolerate
    cruelty to animals or a man striking a woman.

    I thought for sure he was going to knock me out.
    He stared at me, shook his head and walked away.

    Aaaaahhh..... the good old days...growing up !:D
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